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Love Story

I might as well post this and hope it spreads before the entire meme burns itself out. Also on a side note, haven’t seen either movie, nor do I care to, just trying to be funny.


Stupid Puny Shield!

Why can’t I punch through it?

Today at Amoeba in Hollywood they held an event related to Captain America: The Winter Soldier coming out on DVD and Blu Ray, where you can buy the movie there and get meet with some of the directors of the movie and have it signed. They also had a vending machine with a mass of USB devices. After you picked it up you would walk to a nearby truck with the S.H.I.E.L.D. logo on it, plug it in the computer inside and see what prize you won. It could be a free DVD, tickets to see Age of Ultron, or what I got, a lithograph, which is actually kind of cool. I’ll post that up later. I did got a few photos but wanted to post this one first. I found her going as the Winter Soldier and figured I could get something fun, saw the guy with the mini shield and had her punch it.

007 Legends Art 0

007 Legends Art

While at Comic Con a guy that what I believe was the Activision booth gave this to me. I have no idea why so don’t ask but what is it is I guess some concept art for the new coming Bond game 007 Legends which I will not be able to play being I don’t use a Windows Computer nor do I have an Xbox or Playstation. Oh well, might as well share with you guys anyways. Still neat and cool of that guy. Sadly I have no idea what to do with it.


Oh Jokey

Found this last year along Topanga. Also I remember awhile back seeing a bench ad for the movie District 9 saying no non-humans aloud to sit on it and was wanting to take a photo of someones dog sitting on it. Never did, sad. Also I was hoping a sequel wold of come out for it, and for people that have seen it it should of been expected to of come out this year going with a certain line from the movie.