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The McNaughstys

Last night I was at the House of Blues on Sunset. It was a friends birthday, she wanted to see a show and I joined in with a couple of handful of other people. I can’t remember the names of everyone that played but the headliner was a Irish style punk band called the The McNaughstys. Another band that played before that I remember was called Dead Avenue, nice little mix of hardcore punk and heavy metal. And another which was an acapella group called Bruin Harmony. We actually had a nice little mosh pit going on while The McNaughstys played, at one point I was pushed into another guy and his beer got on my shirt. Good Times.

After the show I met the bassist and told him, excellent show and then says he remembers me. Confused I asked what he meant and said he noticed me in the pit. I thought he was talking about how he’s seen me at other events around here but we cleared that up. I find it hard to believe I’m that recognizable.

Now, this was the only photo I got of the band as they played, I would of brought my camera in but the lens has to much zoom on it. Can’t be anything over 50mm, unless you are with the venue or one of the bands, even though I just have on my kit lens (till I can get my good lens fixed again). Oh well, I’m glad I got a photo with my crappy phone of what the show looked like. I would see them play again. But hopefully I can bring my camera because I’ve done shows before.

DevilDriver – The Axe Shall Fall – Twerk Fest 0

DevilDriver – The Axe Shall Fall – Twerk Fest

As we all know about this dance tend that is giving rise, Twerking, I decided to make another one of my horrible, horrible videos of women doing just that and put a DevilDriver song over it. I was going to use “New Dawn” from In Flames but I couldn’t do that to sucha wonderful and beautiful song, and wanted something more intense and violent. Also has a nice little groove to it.

Pedobear – Furry and I Know It 0

Pedobear – Furry and I Know It

A video made by a friend of mine as a parody of the LMFAO song “Sexy and I Know It”. You see me in it, and I helped out holding the little speakers playing the music that everyone was dancing to, but I was off camera during that. This was done during Anime Expo and I have been waiting for over a month to see it and now it is online so check it out. Also I can’t wait for some news station to start talking about this video, you have no idea how hard I will be laughing if they do. I know they used one of my videos for two different stories before. And before anyone starts saying “oh, that guy’s a pedo!” no he’s not, He just has a strange sense of humor like me and he makes comedic costumes.


So I was Riding down De Soto and…

Why this is fun… backing he 90’s we had this one station here in LA called Arrow at the frequency 93.1 and they played a lot of classic rock which is some of what I like. Now here in LA there is also another station that plays classic rock along with some slightly more modern hard rock, heavy metal, and sometimes alternative bands like Pearl Jam, KLOS, so that made two stations I could listen to. But thats not all, we also have another station, KROQ that played (then) more modern rock, punk, and some alternative rock/metal. Life was good in the world of music for me but I wanted more. I wanted to to check out some more bands but I felt radio was to limited and come to find an internet radio station I liked and that’s when I come to discover other bands I would of never heard of like Dimmu Borgir, In Flames, and Death that I found myself liking a lot.

Fast Forward to when Arrow becomes Jack, the crew from rival station, KLOS, was really upset about this and I remember listening to one of the DJ’s talking about it how they all knew each other, hung together, and wished the best of luck to them. Now mainly what Jack plays is some classic rock, 80’s new wave, some other stuff from today like Adele. Today I like to open up pandora, playing what I like to call my Melodic Death Metal station that I have a lot of control over on what plays. Makes me happy.


Acoustic K-town Show

So one friend of mine set up a show were he, along with another friend of mine and some other people were going to play invited me to the event. I wasn’t planning on going but another that was going to watch asked me if I was going to and since I was already in the area at the time I figure why not. Two of the people playing also did Enter Sandman and sadly the person singing didn’t know the words to well so she got the rest of the crowd to sing along. Then at the part of the prayer she asked me to do it with her because of my dark and evil voice and sang the rest of it. I’m hoping there is video of that to see how I did, I know I messed up some but thats fine, just want to see it.

Welcome to the show