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Anime Expo ’11 Video 0

Anime Expo ’11 Video

The video is now online, four days of crazy, and good times. Also what makes me really happy is the fact this year my tape didn’t mess up. Still, I’m in need of a new camera to do video that isn’t mini DV so that way I can have higher quality video and be better to work with.

Also for some humor reasons I put a futurama clip in, you’ll see why. Last the song that takes over the LMFAO song “Party Rock Anthem” is “Indifferent Suns” from Dark Tranquillity.

Back from Anime Expo 0

Back from Anime Expo

Got back last night, just posting to let everyone know I’m still alive. working on the photos now, not as many as last year but still a lot. The video I took is no good, the tape messed up and I really can’t do anything to fix it. I swear I need a new video camera, one with a built in hard drive. any who, lets see if I can get them online by the end of the day, and I need some kind of good gallery system for my posts.

edit: photos will be up tuesday afternoon, I have them edited, 240. It’s just loading them up is a pain in the ass because wordpress sucks at galleries


It’s a party up in here

lets see, bubbles, saw coming, Jesus Juice saw coming, also expected “cremated ashes” or hoped but don’t see. but this weeks winner is Graydon with

Win or lose, the Lakers fans now have something to throw after tonight’s game!

because here in LA, we have the best riots, now this week… you tell me