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On my way to San Diego

Or, well, I’m here now because comic con is currently happening. I took this photo while on the train because if you ask me it’s really the best way to go unless you have a lot of stuff you are bringing or plan on bringing back. I tend to pack light.


Black Tie Beach ’12

Well, that was fun. To bad my ride down was kind of a pain in the ass. It started off with taking my first bus down a little later then I wanted to but I figured it would be fine, I shouldn’t be all that late. Luckily things were going rather smoothly until some point on the green line I had to hop off at the Hawthorne/Lennox station where I had to take a shuttle bus to the station I was aiming for, then from there hop on my last bus down. Took a little while for it to get to Hermosa Beach but sadly I ended up jumping off to a little to early and was in Manhattan Beach, uhh. At least another came by soon after, picked me up and finally I got there. Found a nice little group of people and hung for like 3 hours. Felt so good to be there and it was nice to get my feet in the cool water in comparison to how hot it’s been everywhere around here for the past 2 weeks.

And it’s also a nice excuse to dress up

He’s back… 0

He’s back…

So since I am unable to use the current version of the shark for my attacks because of how I drew it out and I wanted to make them again I figured start using 2.0 for them. It still works, why not?


Sunset at the Beach

Now that I’ve decided to stop doing the caption thing I can really spend less time trying to find photos that might be funny enough to put something to and actually post more stuff. So last year I was hanging with some friends of mine at the beach and felt I should get some sunset shots in hopes it would be as good as the one I got going down to San Diego on the train for Comic Con before. I think the shot from the train was better but I still think this is nice.

Star Ocean 0

Star Ocean

So wanting to make some kind of interesting new background image for my computer I went looking through my stuff to se what I can put together that would come out awesome. Unsure I felt I needed something all spacey but wanted more so I looked through my shots of beaches I found the right photo for it. Also using some photos from the Hubble telescope I put this together and drew in clouds for extra measure. I still feel it needs something else but for now I’ll go with this.

Download the 1920×1080 image for your background here.