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This Relic

While in San Diego I found this near the train station. It said phone because I couldn’t tell how to play angry birds on it.

Also don’t worry about the Comic Con photos for now, they will be online later. But for now I’m not sure if I’ll be making one or two separate posts on it.

Got New Phone 0

Got New Phone

Yeah, my old one has a messed up inside screen and won’t show anything properly. So after a little while I got a new one, and it’s neat to. Also something I tried to is if I can load my own photos on but they wouldn’t display on the screen, so I figured out a little hack around it. Now to figure out how to redesign the UI in a way I want it to look more like.

What does it Mean? 1

What does it Mean?

alright, this weeks winner is Kris with…

Towelie’s new AA sponsor Domokun here to remind you vodka is clear.

indeed it is, to bad it’s still nasty. at least to me it is. now, this week, every time i’m on the subway i see this and think it’s funny because the guy is calling on his cel in the subway and you can’t get a signal around LA while underground. but thats not the point, that drawing means something, WHAT?