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Pirate Puma 0

Pirate Puma

So earlier I was reminded it was International Talk Like A Pirate Day and was like “I should of made something pirate like today.” Then decided to do a quick drawing of something being one and asked some friends of mine to name me an animal. Right a way I had a response saying Puma. Here you go. Also I just remembered I forgot to add a sword.


First Strike

The idea of Steel Shark came from a while back when I wanted to be a musician, back then I was going nowhere with that and doing more graphic stuff (and sadly still going nowhere). So sometime in maybe late ’01-early ’02 I drew my shark, it sucked and dumped the file. Then made version 2.0 which is what you see here. Back at the time I was posting on the newgrounds message boards a lot and someone posted the pic of the priates here and wanted to see someone photoshop it at the time. I figured the shark would work, and here’s what i made… First Strike.

The verison I use now that is my logo, an art teacher of mine gave me an idea to draw a new shark with a camera on it. The reason was because everyone that knows me, knows I almost always have my camera on me