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Kittens Attack Banana 0

Kittens Attack Banana

It’s been awhile since I recorded another video of them. And yes, they have gotten big. As of posting this the video is still being processed. Not sure why it’s taking so long.

Kittens Climb Leg 0

Kittens Climb Leg

For the longest time I’ve always wanted something like this to happen to me.


That is Exotic

Seems I still have some of my warcraft screens shots on my computer that I have yet to post since I let my game time expire last month. Eventually I’ll get back in the game but I have a lot of stuff coming up so I won’t have as much time.

Yorkie-Poodle Mix Puppies 0

Yorkie-Poodle Mix Puppies

Something I’ve been trying to make but it’s hard recording them when the only times they do anything interesting is when it’s to dark to pick much up with the camera. The song i’m using is “Who’s To Blame” from the band Pennywise because I wanted to use something punk with them.


Well, it is Louisiana

One of my photos from my trip over there, which I didn’t get many of interest there anyways. I mean, have you been there? there is less to do in that state then in Bakersfield.


In The Game

alright, a change this time, and this weeks winner is… umm, I want to say Jenn but she also put down…

Here’s Luke’s entry: Sir Evil
(hur hur)

I guess they both win, this week. they are playing something hardcore, and yes they are using gamecube controllers but really on a Wii but that doesn’t matter any system will do. strange and/or funny encouraged.

You did What? 5

You did What?

alright, no winner last week, boo…

this week, tell me a story, whats going on with the guys int he photo thats funny?

Just Waiting 1

Just Waiting

alright, this weeks winner, by default is stephanie with

Shit! Thats what my voice sounds like? They made this look so easy on Glee!! Alright, be cool, just smile. Maybe they wont notice I suck..

I have to be honest, that would have been hard to beat anyways.

and this weeks photo. my kittys, more so a photo of the beast that i forgot about. I still miss her. so they found a cricket what are they thinking?