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My Game Face 0

My Game Face

alright, this weeks winner is Will with…

Dude, that movie looks RAD!

thinking outside the box, always good… i should encourage that, i know, my fault. this week, i don’t know you tell me.


And now the kicker

not much at all last week, kind of sad about that but oh well. this weeks winner is Kregg with…

How serious is this? I took off the second pair of sunglasses, that’s how serious this is.

I saw that and right away I was like HA! and now for this week, not only is it a test of your imagination but a little bit of photoshop too. if you suck at it I’ll forgive you, now what is this football player really about to kick? put your object in and post your link. but if you also have a good caption feel free to also post that up