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Getting His TXT on…

AAA has been bored and is bugging me about the fact I haven’t taken him out on an adventure in a while. But it doesn’t help me that nothing is going to much and I’m still recovering. So he grabbed a cel and send a mass txt out and so far he’s heard from no one.


AAA to the rescue

alright, this weeks winner is Dennis Wilen with…

My ride is protected by 100% Bling-Strength Leave-n-Lock© byotch, so don’t you be fuckin’ with my shite. Oh, and ask Mom if I can buy some red vines with my allowance.

alright this week. first of all I want to thank Frankie From Anime Expo from sending me this. now i tend to make captions myself for the AAA photos but i have nothing so i figured you guys can give me something. Check out the other AAA photos here to get an idea

AAA The Armadillo 0

AAA The Armadillo

So while I was on my deviantart page I noticed this ad for a video contest for the site vimeo The Story Beyond the Still, and the idea is you are given a still photo and must make a short video out of it (2-4 min). The trick to this contest is your video must be in HD, brutal huh? So I did what anyone would, grab my video camera, armadillo, and got some fishing line and made what I must say is the most bizarre video ever, and it makes no sense.

Right now the first submission period for videos is over, but there will be 5 more during the year. So be sure to check it out and make your own videos. Also read the rule so you have a better idea what’s going on.

AAA the Armadillo from thesteelshark on Vimeo.