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Cheese it! it’s the Fuzz! 2

Cheese it! it’s the Fuzz!

alright, this weeks caption is from Jenn with…

Uncle Sam ate the red pill, didn’t he?

I always like a good movie reference, but that doesn’t mean that will always work for you.

now, whats going on with this guy?


Breaking the Law, Breaking the Law

this week come out good, but my favorite this time goes to Jenn with…

This new vacuum cleaner isn’t getting the sex stain out…

now thats what I call thinking outside of the box. now for this week, what is this guy doing wrong to have a cop talking to him?

Tattoo of Awesome 0

Tattoo of Awesome

Not only do I like to work on what ever strange crap I’m working on, like a drawing, a photo or maybe a video. but I also like finding things that crack me up, these things are relative to my interest.

Sometimes I might talk what whatever I find but this I have no words for. I don’t want to post this kind of stuff to much because thats not why I’m here, I’m here to mainly load my own stuff up and try to keep myself busy.