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So my sister asked if I have carved my pumpkin yet and I told her no, because I don’t have any ideas. So then she tells me I should try make the SHIELD logo and I posted about it on my FB page. One friend of mine mentioned how I can also do the Spiderman logo and mentioned the fact that there is a Marvel villain called Jack-O-Lantern… went looking for images of him and figured I can pull this off. So far I made this templet to get an idea of what how to carve it out but might be hard since the pumpkin I have might be a little short. We’ll see what happens.

Pumpkin ’12 0

Pumpkin ’12

I meant to post this just after halloween but totally forgot about it, so posting now. And yes I put the Flying Spaghetti Monster because I wanted to be funny. Not sure if it was to much to everyone else.


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So I have done a little 3D work before, not much really because I only know a few things so I’m trying to figure them out as I go a long. This is something I just started working on and experimenting with, I want to use it for something but I’m not really sure what with right now.

Pumpkin Command 2

Pumpkin Command

made on halloween ’07, I got the idea of walking pumpkins somewhere and sounded like would make for an interesting photoshop. a friend of mine wanted me to photoshop her in something, she wanted lightning powers so I figured why not.
at first I had something else in mind for the person controlling the pumpkins, give them a pumpkin head but was being annoying to add on so I did without