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Missy Elliott 1

Missy Elliott

sirevil classic: made this when I was spamming some hip hop board I was on, I posted a topic asking for something to photoshop and I was given some stuff to work with. This I would say was one of the better ones, and yes the starter image was small so didn’t have much to work with… but in the end they thought it was great so yay

but what made this really great was I posted it on Missy Elliotts wikipedia page and was up for like a day or 2. Just wish I took a screen shot if that at the time.

Lil’ Usher 0

Lil’ Usher

sirevil classic: so awhile back I was spamming some destiny child message board because like, why not. and someone said something about lil john and usher having a kid together, so I made this really quick. I guess its slightly interesting enough, everyone cracked up at the time.