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Bill Nye vs Ken Ham

I forget this is happening today, and you know this will be happening because we all know Ham is a scumbag.


Leopard Shark

I was at the Science Center with another friend of mine and she wanted to see the Shuttle. And while there I discovered there is an aquatic area with marine wild life like fish and sea invertebrates and despite being more a mammal guy personally I still like marine wildlife a lot.

Alan Turing 0

Alan Turing

Meant to make this on his 100th birthday and post it then but I was finding myself busy with some things and getting ready for others… and sleeping. Well it’s done, a few weeks later, and, thats kind of it. Now I just wonder if there is anything else coming up interesting, because I all can think of that I know of is Slutwalk in early august. And I need to actually make something to. Also click image for larger version.