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It’s a Toad!

It’s, a, bloody, toad! before I goto sleep at night I like to watch TV, and Who Wants to be a Millionaire was on and this question comes up. Right away I said, Horned Toad. The person on stage was unsure and figured it could be the Whale Shark. Sad. So they called in a lifeline, the Plus 1, also unsure they guessed the Whale Shark. Oh boy. Last she asked the attendance and they confirmed to me over 70% of the people there might of failed their biology class. That or never took it.


After the Storm

Yeah, now that Anime Expo is over need to have some kind of calm after such so big event. I mean, out for 4 days taking photos (thought I’m sure I could of got more), I don’t want to do something else even bigger right away when I really can’t at the moment. I’ll just burn myself out and lose my mind… more so than I already have. Like with the movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, you start with a few movies with select characters then you have the big team up movie, The Avengers, and make it even crazier then the rest before. Then the next movie in the series that is a single shot, Ironman 3, you really shouldn’t try to out do the last major movie because it’s likely not going to be good enough with no matter what you pull out but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make an effort to do something relatively good.

But in this case for me I’m lazy right now and posting a funny shark comic I found to get a quick laugh in. Also I have a very short video coming and I’m looking around for photos of myself taken by others in cosplay.



Strange how some people fight so hard against gay rights when they aren’t doing anything wrong.