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It’s a Toad!

It’s, a, bloody, toad! before I goto sleep at night I like to watch TV, and Who Wants to be a Millionaire was on and this question comes up. Right away I said, Horned Toad. The person on stage was unsure and figured it could be the Whale Shark. Sad. So they called in a lifeline, the Plus 1, also unsure they guessed the Whale Shark. Oh boy. Last she asked the attendance and they confirmed to me over 70% of the people there might of failed their biology class. That or never took it.

Spartacus 0


Yeah, I was lazy again, I need new ideas. And so can’t wait for the last season of the show Spartacus, it’s going to be awesome. To bad it starts in January.


Acoustic K-town Show

So one friend of mine set up a show were he, along with another friend of mine and some other people were going to play invited me to the event. I wasn’t planning on going but another that was going to watch asked me if I was going to and since I was already in the area at the time I figure why not. Two of the people playing also did Enter Sandman and sadly the person singing didn’t know the words to well so she got the rest of the crowd to sing along. Then at the part of the prayer she asked me to do it with her because of my dark and evil voice and sang the rest of it. I’m hoping there is video of that to see how I did, I know I messed up some but thats fine, just want to see it.

Welcome to the show

Valentine’s Card 0

Valentine’s Card

I know, the day has past. I was trying to figure out a way to make the hearts in 3D but couldn’t get it right as I wanted it. I need to actually learn how to use a 3D program. What I did was take a screen shot from the show Bones with David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel and just added the strange crap in. Sadly I can’t find that clip from the shot on youtube so I can’t post, sorry.

Futurama Head In A Jar 0

Futurama Head In A Jar

So i played on it on an iphone. wish they had options for guys with long hair but didn’t so i went with Fry’s hair from the show. Yeah i’ve been finding myself to be rather lazy lately, this needs to stop because i have some stuff to work on and some other things coming up.

anywho, watch Futurama, i have been since the show started and still enjoy it

Game of Thrones 1

Game of Thrones

so when i was in hollywood friday to record some more stuff for my video i came across this. I’ve been seeing ads for this show all over the place around here and there and it does look interesting, but i don’t have HBO so i’ll have to find some other way to watch it. and yes i know the date has past to see the premiere but don’t let that stop you anyways. also HBO, think you can cool and do something neat for me for posting this?

also if it is still there you can take your photos at the highland mall in hollywood here in LA if you still are look for the chance for a photo.


everyone has a water bottle brand 1

everyone has a water bottle brand

alright, this weeks winner is Rose Glickman with…

One bag to freeze and throw at the neighborhood kids…One bag to squeeze on “clients” junk to check for sores…

yeah, brutal, and because i can i’ll link to the pic Vassago posted, cracked me a little http://i52.tinypic.com/2dtwrvp.jpg

anywho, people that know me know i watch desperate housewives (is there something wrong with that?!?!?!) and seem they have there own water to. what does it taste like?

SAG Award 0

SAG Award

So last week i was watching TV and I see an ad for the coming SAG awards. one thing i noticed during it was the statue holding masks that at first looked like Guy Fawkes or V for Vendetta masks. someone i know also pointed this out to me so i decided to photoshop it see it i can making it look like it is holding real GF masks that look the part of the statue itself. Came out alright i guess. was a lot of figuring out how to pull that off