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Year of the Water Snake.

Chinese New Year thing, being thats what this year is on the calendar. What I did here was I drew out my snake as a Waterbender from Avatar: The Last Airbender which is a show I’ve heard nothing but good things about (but don’t worry, I know to stay away from the movie). I had it on my queue for a while and I’m finding myself blasting thought it because it’s so good. I figured I would watch it some while also going though Misfits, while the show is pretty good itself but I just don’t want to stop with Avatar right now. And I still need to get myself drawing again. Come on whats wrong with me?

The Serpentine Offering 0

The Serpentine Offering

lol, dimmu borgir song (off a kind of crappy album)

in part inspired by what many black metal bands wear during the photoshoots they do, but really, the band with the best shots is Immortal.

Snakes have long changed from the serpentine bodies they once had, regrown new limbs, bipedal, and ready for battle they make fearsome foes. The body came out kind of fine, but don’t like the head and neck to much. What I should do is make the neck longer and head stick out more.

Grey Abalam 0

Grey Abalam

Its been a while since I posted a drawing, and it was a while ago that I drew this guy… the idea behind him is to have a snake with arms and legs. don’t like how the shoulder armor looks really, I’ll make something more fitting when I redo on my computer (this is if, I kind of lag on that). and the head seems a little big for the body but over all a lot like I had in mind