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Kittens Attack Banana 0

Kittens Attack Banana

It’s been awhile since I recorded another video of them. And yes, they have gotten big. As of posting this the video is still being processed. Not sure why it’s taking so long.

Kitten attacks Millennium Falcon 0

Kitten attacks Millennium Falcon

I remember seeing this ad awhile back with a cat on it saying “think of how many funny internet videos you can make with me.” or something long the lines of that. Yeah, I think I’ll try that out.

What I’m finding lately 0

What I’m finding lately

I don’t know whats up, some of the sites I go to are becoming riddled with them. And it’s not just banner ads but random text on some pages have also become hyperlinks.

Neat new toy or object of Fear? 0

Neat new toy or object of Fear?

And now it’s done. The photo I used of the guy in the suit was Joel Osteen and it worked perfect. The funny part was when I was looking through photos of him one of them was of him at the beach and I was like “holy crap he’s ripped.” but I’m more awesome still with my pretty hair and nice lean build. That and my far greater might.