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Traveler in Time 1

Traveler in Time

I think the last time I drew this guy was back in high school. the idea behind him he is a time traveler going to different eras trying to keep things in the past from going wrong. The reason for the last drawings I made was for my US history class in high school, the teacher wanted us to make a children’s book about World War 2 noting a number of events. This was also right after I first got photoshop so I make the drawings by hand, scanned, and colored in on computer. For the time being it was cool and I liked how it came out, to bad I have no way to see it again.

With what I know now in graphics and such, if I was to remake that book it would be way awesome looking.

And one more thing, I want to do more drawings just to get myself into it again and thats where I’ll need your help. Give me some ideas, some creatures to make more human or other mythological beings to draw in my style and I’ll post every wednesday. If you have a style of dress for them to be in let me know and I’ll see if I can pull that off.