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MJ Tribute Flash Mob ’12

Alright, so I was at the gettipede today but because of the MASSIVE amount of photos I have to post that tomorrow. But for now here are some other photos I got today at city walk of a flash mob around the anniversary of the death of Michael Jackson. A friend of mine that was dancing at that asked if it was possible I can stop by and get some shots at that. At first I thought there might of been a time conflict but turned out there wasn’t so I figured I should have time to do both. And I did. Sadly by the time I got there it was already going but at least I got something.

Needs more metal

Tribute to Fred the cat 0

Tribute to Fred the cat

so back when my cat Fred died it was in fact a few days before my birthday, and then i went along as planned as had a little birthday event with a bunch of other people. Two other also had their birthday the same day so we made it a big party. This was our little tribute we had to her with the people that were there at the time recorded by another friend of mine. i enjoyed it at least, I miss my kitty.


Mark Sylvis Tribute Party

So last week I found out about a guy I knew in high school had just died, I always remembered him being a cool guy back then but didn’t really talk to him much. I went to his funeral to honor him and I made everyone feel better, and I kind of feel good about that. After we went to one guys place to have a party in honor of him, so I grabbed my camera for it. I think he would have been proud that he brought so many people together. Party hard in Valhalla my friend…

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