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CicLAvia 4.21.13

Here they are, my Photos form the day below. Alright here is the story. The day started off at Union Station getting there at around 9:30, before the official start at 10. I met...

Decisions, Decisions 0

Decisions, Decisions

Alright, so during Slutwalk I was given this sticker for this rally coming up this sunday in hollywood and I figure “why not, should be fun.” Then I also remembered about this in Venice [link NSFW] the same day and around the same time so I’m question which should I goto? Hollywood seems more legit but in Venice I can bring my rollerblades. The down side is Hollywood might be warmer and in Venice the humor factor might die off a little quickly. So far I’m looking more at Hollywood.

Well that Sucked 0

Well that Sucked

So friday I went to Venice to record people for my new question and earlier today (haha, I’m lazy) I’m importing video and noticed the tape was messed up on recording everything. well that...

Venice 0


so one day at home, some friends of mine decided to call me and say “where bored, want to adventure?” and with me being me I was like “OK!” so we went to venice. was a bit of a gloomy day and it took a while to get there so that made it kind of long, but over all fun.