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CicLAvia 4.21.13

Here they are, my Photos form the day below. Alright here is the story. The day started off at Union Station getting there at around 9:30, before the official start at 10. I met with some people, talked to them some and near the first hub by Olvera Street. The next leg was going down Main St to 7th, and from there to MacArthur Park. Really, I enjoy riding threw Downtown a lot, the road is nice and smooth and I can move quickly. Then from MacArthur Park I rode down to Venice Blvd and a long the way saw some guys skate bombing. Wow did they move fast, now, very cool and I could of done that myself on my blades because I enjoy that rush, but I still wouldn’t recommend most people from doing something like that unless you really know what you are doing. It can be dangerous. Do not to even think about the idea you might be as good as I am or these other dudes.

Now onto Venice Blvd, where they had 6 more hubs set up and businesses selling and giving out products and other neat prizes. For example have you heard of Cuties? Well that also make a smoothly like drink. I downed it right there. Also ran into what I thought were Derby Dolls but were some of the Angel City Derby Girls. ALl good still, and gave me a flier for coming matches and looking for girls willing to join. Soon after I found some people giving out these pink mustaches in connection to something called Lyft. From what I was told it’s a phone app made to help a person thats stranded and needs a ride somewhere, and it helps in making new friends. Talked to some people at a place called The Massage Garage giving out coupons and giving out some short massages to riders during the event.

Later met some guys from a group called I believe called South LA Peace Love and Family Ride, they gave me a site address but that sounded kind of long, so I googled it and came up to this page which I believe is it. I saw them blasting some Eminem on some really good speakers and being me I said “play some Metallica!” asked if I had any and said hook up it. One of them asked if I have The Black Album or Master of Puppets. I do but play off of Ride the Lightning because it’s my favorite from them. Found a group known as Good Los Angeles and call themselves A Community of People who give a Damn. I really like that slogan. And last an origination called Los Angeles Walks, because, well, some people do walk around sometimes like I do. But I was on my Rollerblades for this day but that.

And last I made it to Venice Beach, was a nice long ride but didn’t like the fact some places along the road were very bumpy. Then it was time to make my way back to downtown but looking at the time I realized there was no way I could get back by the time cars starting flooding the streets again so I went to the Culver City Expo Line station along the route and headed back from there. I rode just over 22 miles. My poor feet, and I realized on my way home I actually got a sunburn just above my left elbow. The rest of me was fine but interesting to learn I can in fact burn in some parts of my body still.

And I’m glad I wore shorts this time.

Decisions, Decisions 0

Decisions, Decisions

Alright, so during Slutwalk I was given this sticker for this rally coming up this sunday in hollywood and I figure “why not, should be fun.” Then I also remembered about this in Venice [link NSFW] the same day and around the same time so I’m question which should I goto? Hollywood seems more legit but in Venice I can bring my rollerblades. The down side is Hollywood might be warmer and in Venice the humor factor might die off a little quickly. So far I’m looking more at Hollywood.

Well that Sucked 0

Well that Sucked

So friday I went to Venice to record people for my new question and earlier today (haha, I’m lazy) I’m importing video and noticed the tape was messed up on recording everything. well that...

Venice 0


so one day at home, some friends of mine decided to call me and say “where bored, want to adventure?” and with me being me I was like “OK!” so we went to venice. was a bit of a gloomy day and it took a while to get there so that made it kind of long, but over all fun.