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Ares, God of War

you know I remember making this awhile back but it seems I didn’t post on the page. Oh well, here you go.


LA Pillow Fight ’12 Photos… Yeah, it happened!

Very strange day that ended up entertaining. So I went over to Pershing Square incase some people didn’t know the event was canceled to let them know about it but the security guys there told everyone that it is in fact at The Cornfield. So I rode up with a group and we decided to see what was up over there and a park ranger came out and let us know we can’t have the pillow fight for the reason that if feathers start littering the ground everyone could be cited. SO what we ended up doing was parking at a mostly empty lot near a nearby gold line station and having a little battle there. Some more people came in and joined in the battle and it ended up being a lot of fun.

This was the afternoon of reckoning!

More photos on LA Weekly from Nanette Gonzales

LA Pillow Fight ’12 0

LA Pillow Fight ’12

So I made a flyer for this event coming up in about 2 weeks. So can’t wait. It was going to be at Pershing Square but they had to move it because they planted new grass in the area and didn’t want to trampled on right away. This new area I guess known as The Cornfield very much looks bigger and should be a lot of fun still. Let battle be joined.

Behind Blue Eyes 0

Behind Blue Eyes

As a kid something I always thought to myself was, “what would I look like if i had blue eyes? would I look any better?” So awhile ago I saw an ad to some movie “This Means War” (that I don’t plan on seeing because it doesn’t look entertaining to me, sorry movie people) and saw these two dudes and noticed their eyes are really blue and that totally reminded me of what I thought about for myself as a kid and then remembered “oh right I know how to do that in photoshop.” So here is what I made to see for myself. I need to do some more experimentation.

Bubble Battle L.A. 2011 0

Bubble Battle L.A. 2011

Coming event this saturday at Pershing Square in downtown. I guess some people in New York are doing the same thing, and you know we here in LA have to out crazy them. I found it as a facebook event and can’t find it posted as anything else anywhere. be sure to join anyways, looks like fun.

Let Battle be joined


LA Pillow Fight ’11

Yes, they are finally online after a number of delays and working on the page to get them ready is now made. I really don’t have much more of a message but other then it was a lot of fun. Ok maybe I do, a friend of mine asked me how I find out about these events and I told him through facebook and some other people I know. So this is something I’m going to need to start doing, when I find out about something new coming up around LA I’m going to post it, or at least remember to. Am I going to be there? I don’t know, but we’ll see and hopefully I can make it.

so prepare for battle!