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Succubus 0


When I started drawing this out I had in mind make something somewhat reveling but also evil looking. Yes, large boobs, short top, and wanted to do a skirt that was just above the knees. I was having trouble trying to draw out the legs, so I just gave her a long dress and I think it works better that way. Large sword in one hand to show strength and power, and seemed to have given her bracelets a lot like what Wonder Woman has, and last the final touch, large wings just for fun.

The Weasel 0

The Weasel

despite there size weasels are brave, cunning, and known to kill enemies larger then itself with grace… yeah thats all I could think of

Marksman Cat 0

Marksman Cat

one of my main characters, Donovan Reznor. his look is meant to be based off an old cat of mine with the style of the modern industrial music sub-culture. expert marksman and well trained with most firearms, he’s also skilled in hand to hand combat but rather keep his distance in battle.