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Poor Girl

alrgiht, this weeks winner once again is Andrew with…

Our economy is going-Oooooh, look at the kitty!

someone is on a roll or should I say where the hell are the rest of you people? This week. Being halloween is coming why not use a halloween photo. I was a looking through some of my older photos thinking I would find something good only to notice for some strange reason there are some good ones I never posted online for some reason and this was one I liked people protesting the Halloween Carnival (not really, it was part of their costume). You tell me.


LA Pride ’11

Alright, finally photos are up for everyone to enjoy. not much else to tell other then what i posted last night after i got back home. also if anyone has a photo of me holding the “we are nutjobs” sign can you send it to me? that would be highly awesome and i’ll give credit.

now lets get this party on

SlutWalk LA video 0

SlutWalk LA video

this is not from me, but a guy i know that i’m posting this on because i happen to be in it. if anyone else that was there wants me to link yours photos or whatever just post a link on the comments and i’ll post it.


SlutWalk LA ’11 Photos

alright, here they are. i got there an 1 after the event started officially and had a little trouble finding it at first but i still made it. we walked along part of santa monica blvd then back to the main area the event started, played some music, people danced around and took photos of each other, and lots of people dressed very awesome! good times.

what in this world can be better then a slut?

WeHo Halloween 1

WeHo Halloween

well I’m back home from that, and I had a blast. I stayed at a friends place last night afterwards and got home sometime this morning, I have a lot of photos I”m working...


WeHo Halloween ’08

In West Hollywood once again, a party taking up a mile of Santa Monica Blvd. I really just took a few photos here because the guitar that was part of my costume make it annoying to also hold camera, so a friend of mine there was photog for the night. I showed him enough of how to use it, so I think he did well

check them out


WeHo Halloween ’07

So for many years I would see this on the news every halloween, and I thought to myself “someday I will go there and it will be fun.” and in ’07 I finally did,...