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Windows XP

Rather old photoshopping, if you can call it that being I didn’t do much with this. From what I remember I saw some story about this version having critical flaws and I just had to do something with it. Interestingly enough I didn’t find myself running into to many problems with Windows XP when ever I used it, but I will always remember how much people complained about the next version, Vista after it came to.


Insanely Stupid Laptop Skin

so once again deviantart has a contest, this time to make laptop skins. and without that much surprise (at least I don’t think it would have been with me) I made something insanely stupid. And you know, if you ask me laptop skins are insanely stupid anyways. I mean, to me it’s like saying “hey, look at my laptop, isn’t it awesome? yeah I’m such a jerk!” Whatever, I win nothing. But mine is supreme, why? it’s just more insanely stupid than any others I know of.