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DevilDriver – The Axe Shall Fall – Twerk Fest 0

DevilDriver – The Axe Shall Fall – Twerk Fest

As we all know about this dance tend that is giving rise, Twerking, I decided to make another one of my horrible, horrible videos of women doing just that and put a DevilDriver song over it. I was going to use “New Dawn” from In Flames but I couldn’t do that to sucha wonderful and beautiful song, and wanted something more intense and violent. Also has a nice little groove to it.

Decisions, Decisions 0

Decisions, Decisions

Alright, so during Slutwalk I was given this sticker for this rally coming up this sunday in hollywood and I figure “why not, should be fun.” Then I also remembered about this in Venice [link NSFW] the same day and around the same time so I’m question which should I goto? Hollywood seems more legit but in Venice I can bring my rollerblades. The down side is Hollywood might be warmer and in Venice the humor factor might die off a little quickly. So far I’m looking more at Hollywood.