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Chinese Lion Dance 0

Chinese Lion Dance

I have to say, the new camera takes some nice video. But I have to say once again, more experimentation needs to be done.


Chinese New Year ’15 Photos

The funny part was, I wasn’t even sure I wanted to go down for it. I had few friends convince me to and yeah, good idea. I didn’t get a lot of photos but what was awesome was the fact I did get fed. A well fed shark is a happy shark.

I did some more experimentation of the camera settings and I do believe I’m getting closer to the visual style I want, but there is still more to be done. Also, there is video coming.

Can’t want to see whats next.


Year of the Water Snake.

Chinese New Year thing, being thats what this year is on the calendar. What I did here was I drew out my snake as a Waterbender from Avatar: The Last Airbender which is a show I’ve heard nothing but good things about (but don’t worry, I know to stay away from the movie). I had it on my queue for a while and I’m finding myself blasting thought it because it’s so good. I figured I would watch it some while also going though Misfits, while the show is pretty good itself but I just don’t want to stop with Avatar right now. And I still need to get myself drawing again. Come on whats wrong with me?


Try and run…

Another old chinese new year photo from an event I was at in Thousand Oaks that I snuck my camera into with a nice long lens. God that show was boring.


Chinese New Year ’12 Photos

Sorry I took so long but here they are. Religious nuts came out in force and the parade this year seemed shorter. I got there before 1 which is when the parade was set to start and on my way to my spot I ran into another guy I know who was also waiting for it to start but has been there for 2 hours already. By the time it was over I meet with some other people and talking to them some. One lady said to me people like me bring happiness to all and I said back “I don’t know, I think your just being nice.” Then she pointed at my camera and I do so because I’m an artist and share with everyone. I thought that was sweet, I like her.

I have no funny caption for this photo set

Chinese New Year Video 0

Chinese New Year Video

Done by a friend of mine that was also there. I should have my photos up sometime later today. But for now enjoy fun little video.


Are you going to tell me?

Alright, this week nothing, lame. Being the Chinese New Year event has started this week I want to use something related, from a event I went to years ago and snuck a camera in, because I’m gangster like that. Sadly I got a bunch of shots I wasn’t to happy with due to messed up lighting.

Anywho clearly someone is about to be killed, can you tell me why?