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Hollywood Zombie Walk ’14

The first zombie walk I did was two years ago, it was crazy, and it was fun. Sadly I missed last years because I didn’t know it happened to afterwards but this time around I know. Pretty much the info you need is on the flyer here, the guy who sets up the event made his own before but because I can I made my own. But if you are interested in more you can always go on the event page set up on Facebook, twitter, or the tumblr page.


LA Zombie Walk ’12

Not much to describe on what happened during the event. Went to the North Hollywood station, got there at about 3:30 where some people have already gathered and doing the finishing touches with blood and make-up. So during the time being the forces continued to gather around the station and at 4:50 we all went underground to take the subway to Hollywood and Highland. After dropping off we all went up stairs and started walking towards Vine, then we just walked back over to Highland. Thats it really. Oh, and we scared a bunch of people and give them some good laughs.

So many zombies, and me without my swords.

Jesus The Lich King 0

Jesus The Lich King

Some new theories going around with people lately that Jesus might not in fact be a zombie, but something more powerful. A Lich. So I had myself a little fun doing a little edit of one of my shots from Chinese New Year of one of the people with the signs. And people that know enough of Warcraft lore should know Arthas. Also happy Good Friday.

I Dreamt the World Would End 1

I Dreamt the World Would End

alright, this weeks winner is Andrew with…

“I will destroy everything you know and love.”

and you know she would say it in an adorable way. now this week, the end of the world is today and the dead walk the streets of los angeles. what do they want? what is their story? give me something good.