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Do not Feed 0

Do not Feed

A group of us hung around the old LA zoo and this happened.


I’m such a pretty bird

alright, after two weeks of having this photo up because I was gone last week during Anime Expo which was entertaining, but wish I took more photos. I pick this week winner, Mike with…

You can’t deny my awesome!

because that would freak a person out having that screamed at them

now for this week, this bird is looking at it’s trainer for something, what can it be? what does the bird want? whats up with that?


LA Zoo ’09

So sometime during the week a friend of mine called me and asked if I can join in going to the zoo with her, her brother and another friend of ours for his anthropology class, sounded like fun to me so I decided to join. We didn’t stay long because we got there kind of late but for the time being was fun. Hopefully we can get some time to do it again later on earlier in the day so I can get a lot more photos…

but for now heres what I got


LA Zoo Trip ’07

so for my anthropology class awhile back, something that i needed to do for it was goto the LA zoo and check out the animals there. watch there behavior and what not. so i...