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Archive for the ‘Web/Mobile Cam’ Category

Warcraft right now has their anniversary event going on right now, and part of it involves killing some old world bosses from the game after it first launched 13 years ago. But the time I reached this guy he was already dead, but I couldn’t help but to notice the position he was in, looked like it was struggling to do a push up. Well, soon enough the guy spawned again I had the chance to kill him along with a bunch of other people.

Seems there have been plenty of claims about the legalization of weed. One in particular talking about how it’s increased violent crime. Makes sense to me that such crime would drop because people have less a need to steal and they are less desperate to find other ways to get what they are after. No, it may not entirely be the best thing for health reason, but we all do all kind of unhealthy activities and consume such unhealthy products and it’s totally legal anyways. Perhaps because it will cause fewer problems over all.

Maybe we should legalize the use of other drugs. Maybe it will also cause a drop in usage.

If you ask me, I think it should just be left as it is. It’s not that interesting anyways, I’ve been there. I know there was supposed to be more work to be done on it, but there is reason it stopped, and I think Adam explains it best on why.

As for the claims about adding Obama on, I don’t know of anyone agreeing to such an idea, even thought his supporters. Now the people upset about nothing want someone new added in when he hasn’t even in office for a year. That a bit hardcore.

I’m about ready, going as Manchester Black. Just need to make my hair purple. Look out for me.

Stan Lee’s LA Comiccon is this weekend, and while on the red line I saw this guy playing violin. Well, that’s new to me to see on there. I’m sure I’ll enjoy this weekend.

Sometimes while playing Plants vs Zombies, I get ads for, whatever. Maybe about a movie, show, product, or other games. No idea what the hell is going on here.

For so many years I would always hear about this so called war on christmas, which from what I can find started on Fox News. Because saying happy holidays is so offensive. Well, as Michael Che said, all holidays matter, as part of something Trump said during a recent speech.

Meanwhile a few years ago I remember some talk about replacing Halloween, likely my favorite holiday, with something lame called Jesusween. Now, it’s really been awhile since I really heard any talk about it but is still insanely stupid. Interesting how the people crying about some kind of fake war against one holiday are going to war with a completely different one.

Well, Halloween hasn’t even passed yet, and it’s starting to look like christmas again. Oh boy.

for so many years i’ve seen something in relation to Octoberfest, which everyone knows is pretty much a german thing, but sure it’s is also celebrated in other places like here in the US. Always wondered if there was some kind of event some place around here I can check out and take photos. Oh, there seems to be, but, oh, I have to buy tickets. Wonder if there is a free event. I’m guessing not. Oh well, maybe someday i’ll see something like it. But for now, this I found at the store.

While in Pasadena Saturday, before NerdBot started, I was walking around old town and walked into this art store, Blick, and inside the store I saw what looked like Meat Cat from 30 Rock. Him and his flying skateboard.