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Archive for the ‘Web/Mobile Cam’ Category

It came out today, so I figured why now, I just wanted to play. So far the gameplay runs nicely for me. No real issues as of yet, but when in the main menu area things are a bit choppy.

So far the maps i’ve played a pretty copy paste, but did see what I believe was at least one new difference, and was on the first human level making a change on one of the bandits you fight. Think I should expect more as I play on.

Something that some friends of mine know, is that my family owns a popcorn store. Gourmet popcorn. It’s something I do when not out taking photos or if I’m not on set for some show. Which, it’s been a little while since the last one I was on. But I’m glad I didn’t get any calls during the holidays because the store was swamped at times and I was there to help as much as I can.

So here I am, promoting my store, because I can. And when you have over 60 flavors like; Kettle, Sea Salt Caramel, Green Apple, Dark Chocolate Pretzel, and Barbecue, not sure you can go wrong. And here are the different sized bags, minus party size which is at least twice the size of extra large.

People in politics are known to play music at rallies, and often they use songs that clearly goes to show they never actually listened to it in the first place to understand what they are talking about. Fast forward, trump is using REM songs and the band is acting him to stop.

I leave a comment on the facebook post, some guy comes in being kind of douchy, I rip him a new one. But really, what? housewife? where is this person coming from? I was hoping he would say something about immigration just so I can point out the fact he has a french last name. But not everything goes as you hope.

Well that was a really good day. I was the ride captain for the Culver City group. Got a quick shot of some of my group as we were walking to the platform. Photos from this event and Long Beach Comic Expo will start coming online during the week. In the mean time I had a long weekend and I’m going to sleep.

I had myself a nice long day here, but can only be there just for one because No Pants is happening and that’s not something you miss. Here is a quick shot I got before I left. It was a long ride on the train.

can’t believe how long it took for me to get this on Pokemon Go. I always thought it looked kind of weird, but there was something about it that I find interesting, I mean, fire and steel type. Seems almost kind of metal. Well, another legendary in the bag, and still so many more to go.

On some days when at my place I have to walk by this one house on my way to the pokestop on pokemon go. And sometimes this dog is sitting in front just wanting one thing, to be pet. She will physically stop you just to have her head rubbed, then will just melt in your hands.

It was a total bomb for me. And I’m not saying that as a good thing. Last night I was at a party in West Hollywood, known as, BOOM! 2020 Icons. I wasn’t there to long and I thought it was alright. Just wish I got there sooner. Meanwhile a friend was there, Marky Make Up who stenciled this Ba-Bomb on me, which I like, and I still have on me.

And this is the part of what the night was a bomb. When I got back to my car I discovered someone got in it, and one thing they took that I’m most upset about is my iPod, because I need my music. A police report has been filed but I’m not sure how far this will go. My iPod should have a tracker on it but my phone isn’t picking it up.

The people that know me most know I how I feel about religion, but at the same time I would never deny the freedom of religion of others because it will just cause more problems. Yet there is a problem with some religious people that have this idea their way of live should be absolute because of how much harm it will do to everyone, including those who follow such ideals.

A couple of other things those who know about me best is that I listen to Heavy Metal, and am an ally to the LGBTQ+ community, which are two different groups of people, among others who have been attacked by such hardcore faithful. Why not join hands and scare away those who wish to do so much damage to others for their own selfishness? Then I made this. It’s simple, but is still passes.

The holiday event for pokemon go has started, and now there is a pikachu with a winter beanie. I not only got one but it’s a shiny.