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Archive for the ‘Web/Mobile Cam’ Category

How can a person that has spent his life not being a good looking dude, at all, in my option be such a dick? Well, I guess it’s how you grow up.

While hiking with the GF, I showed her this neat trail relatively near my place with this tunnel. She got an idea for a photo.

I went to TheFixExpo shortly here in LA and met with my GF who was already there. I got this while in Pershing Square.

While walking along Melrose with the GF before Christmas, for shopping reason, I came across this neat mural. I was always told if I wanted to see some cool graffiti Melrose was one fo the best places to go. Eventually I’ll be there again with the SLR so I can get more, better shots.

The man you would go gay for. You know you would.

My photos that were most popular on my instagram account for the year. I did a lot this year, I had an excellent conquest and covered lot of events. Can’t wait to see what next year gives me.

I thrash! Saw this while in Hollywood recently at the mall on Highland. As for the “Daddy Pence” line it has to do with the dance party that happened in front of the place he was moving into earlier this year. This has been a strange year, because of politics, and Trump being an idiot most of the time.

How do you play Angry Birds on it?

Wonder if it had anything to do with the insane winds we were getting recently? We may never know.

When you are at the store, start going down the dairy aisle and you notice some kind of change.