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Archive for the ‘Web/Mobile Cam’ Category

I’ve only seen video of cars getting hit, never seen it in person myself. Car always pulverized. Though, I’ve also been on a train that hit a person, and that was way annoying.

I’ve seen this accessory before on some cars, but never had the chance to see it up close till recently. I don’t know, I think it looks cool. If I had a car, would I put that on? no, but still think it looks kind of cool.

Ever been a big cat about to take an army of noble men and women into battle?

I wouldn’t say I got a lot, There was a lot of people there but I can sense a lot of them weren’t feeling to happy. Long lines to get a badge and to get inside. Bag checks, metal detectors. I won’t be there tomorrow because I have other stuff to take care of, but should be back the other 2 days.

This kind of talk I’ve watch happen for years, and it is still happening. The hypocrisy is intense.

On the World of Warcraft PTR servers, you can test a new zone in the game currently in the works. There is a point in game that crashes once you reach it, so as of now I’m avoiding till that’s fixed. But just look at that view.

Well, this was a wild and fun party. I had a lot of fun, saw more of the parade this time but wasn’t at the cultural village as long. I had another event to cover. But over all it was really good and can’t wait to put everything online. Till then, here is a preview.

Every week she likes to find a new favorite place to sleep, and lately it’s been on my desk or my chair, if I’m not in it. She is a funny cat.

While at Target, I see all these carts left around the place not in their designated drop off locations. This is going to suck for who ever had to bring them back in.

Well, here I did it again, for this year, as I have been doing for many, many years. What would you look like if you where in south park?