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Archive for the ‘Web/Mobile Cam’ Category

Got back home from Long Beach Pride, and am I tired. And yet, such a good day. I was in the parade, and in rainbow colors. Had my red blades, newgrounds shirt with orange and yellow in the logo, green lantern socks, the blue of (most) the NG shirt, and a purple shirt tied around my waist. I have photos, and a video coming. I’m not in the video, which is good, because not everyone wants to see me so often. But I want to give an idea of what i looked like while there.

I was heading off to a shoot today and find this Barbie doll laying on top of this pipe. Not sure why, but whatever.

In one day while on instagram, I found myself getting a handful of messages a lot like this. Not sure what was going on but it was the same message over and over, just the beginning part looked like it was written by other people in their own words. Creepy. Anyone else get this?

A few days ago I loaded this app on my phone, where you pretty much answer trivia questions, but must be done during certain times of the day. And you can win real money. Kind go like a game show. You are pretty much picked at random but answering questions does help increase that chance. So the next morning after I downloaded it, I got money. HA! Didn’t expect that. Nothing else after that but everyone else needs that chance too. But a funny thing happened yesterday while waiting for my questions, it started doing counting up. I twas over a minute and a half by the time it let me in, and I still got the chance to do something anyways, so all good still. Didn’t win anything, but didn’t lose anything either. Anywho, if you also download the app, be sure to use my referral code, cz7948z, and have fun.

I have no idea what that is supposed to mean. Should it be the code name of the person who did this tagging?

When you are at a pokegym, and something like this happens.

At least, I’m pretty sure that’s what it says. There is a lot of talk online about people being bots, or trolls. When it comes to spreading misinformation. Something I do with some peopel is even if I can tell it’s an actual person, I’ll call them a bot. Because to me, at least a troll has some kind of entertainment value to them.

Bad parking job, from the start, and they left a mass of their own junk here. Uhh.

When you are walking about downtown and find this chair tied up looking unhappy. If only if it was also given some intense looking eyebrows, then I would have called this, Angry Chair, after the Alice in Chains song.

Start sending them. I’m sure it will be all good.