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Just a quick snapshot



I’ve seen a lot of photos in the last so many days of gloves left behind in parking lots after being use at some store. Well, I saw that same thing. I wanted to pick these up myself to put them in the trash, but not sure it was worth the risk. People, please, they have trash cans there, drop them there after you are down.


Frog Stomp

So much boredom, stuck at home only able to play Warcraft. This is painful because I need to go out so badly.

Anywho, taking part of a world quest here where I take control of this massive frog loa, Krag’wa, and you jumping on top of these Blood Trolls that are causing problems for everyone. And I came across two more of him joining me in the slam.


Ditto Upraising

Thought I’ve caught at least a few Ditto in Pokemon Go, even thought they tend to be rare, I’ve never seen so many pop up as commonly as they are now. Might be because of an in game event going on now.


Return To War…craft

On the 20th last month, Blizzard decided that because of the whole corona virus shutout, anyone that plays World of Warcraft between then and April 20th gets double experience for any of their characters in game. Because I’m super bored because of this mess, why not?

And in other news I need to get my external hard drive fixed. It was knocked off my deck and isn’t mounting. Kind of need it because it’s my back up.


Trail Closed

Yep, another post about crap that’s happening because of the corona virus. I’m so miserable. And hiking trails are now closed ins one areas. Thought, I’m pretty sure some people aren’t listening, but still keeping their distance when they can.


Poor Snowflake

If you’ve been on this site or know well enough, you would know about me one thing I do is background acting. On central castings page they made a post about COVID-19 to how to protect ourselves and this guy pops up. Not sure what he’s ranting about because that came out of nowhere, and explains to me why he’s upset. I always find it amazing how the people who cry about free speech, and how much they don’t like police correctness are the easiest to offend on the stupidest of things.

CC ended up deleting this comment, but after this bit on conversation I also said to him that he doesn’t like what other people write down for their shows on what they see others as, maybe he should make his own portraying others they don’t like in a light they view them as, or to go away. But here is the thing about the Proud Boys, they are overwhelmingly straight white guys.


Clean up on Aisle 2

A lot of cleaning supplies got taken. Sure, there is no cure for any virus, and not sure one will ever be found. But it’s still possible to kill them. TO bad what can be used to do so can also hurt us, but know how to use properly.


Empty Can… Aisle

Last week while at the store to pick a few things up, during the panic here is something else I saw. A lot of aisles were cleaned off. A lot of canned food was gone as you can tell. Well, it lasts forever as long as the can isn’t opened some how. At least, that’s what we’ve been told.


Save Some for the Fish

My state is on what some people are calling, a lockdown. I can’t believe how out of control this virus is. So many events postponed or canceled, people stocking up on everything expecting to be in for the long haul. I know it will get better, but unfortunately I know it will get worse first.


Can Almost Reach It

Never found myself so close to a rainbow like this, it’s almost tempting to walk out in the field to get both pots of gold. Makes sense to find such a thing on St. Patricks day. This is why I need to start bringing my camera with me more often again.