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Archive for the ‘Web/Mobile Cam’ Category

And there are NICE GAYS there? Well, that’s neat. I wonder of any of them happen to be friends of mine? But I prefer to just hang with them, since, I’m not into dudes.

Till the end of the holiday season. Can it be next week already so I can do SantaCon? Then can the year just end?

When at out at some stores and you find toys of one of the most well known superheroes. Speaking of superheroes, is the new Avengers trailer out yet? I’ve been waiting so long.

I would have took this photo from another angle, like from the front, but that would have required me to claim over this little wall and go in to this persons yard. Rather not do that. But it’s still cool a person can make a structure using yard tools like shovel or a rake.

Well, what I was hoping to see, but being so long in the day, that might be why there wasn’t much anymore.

When you are out shopping at the store and someone places an item way out of range from where they are stocked out. I wonder if this is to hide it, so they can put it up for black friday?

Looks like the people that made Pokemon Go need to fix something. At least, I hope this isn’t a problem stemming from my phone.

Some squirrels are just as fascinated with certain objects or happening just like us. We just don’t always see it.

Though, I’m pretty sure there shouldn’t be some water coming out of the pipe as work is being done. Supposedly.

There should be something there, Pokemon Go related. Like a stop or a gym. I don’t se why not, since there is road there that puts it in a the shape of a pokeball, so it only makes sense.