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Archive for the ‘Photos’ Category

So what was I up to friday you ask? I was covering a wedding, because I am an event photographer. Well, events are what I prefer to do. No, I don’t post photos from private events unless the person who called me for it give me permission, because that’s just uncool to do otherwise. But I did this time because there was some shots I liked enough that i felt wold be just right to put online.

As in friday the 13th. I was covering an event that day and by the time I left it was to late to post anything. As people know I like to post a photo of one of my old girls on that day, because, black cats. Here is another I believe unpublished photo of Cybil, looking adorable as she always did.

And the last of the photos are now online. I didn’t get as many today because I had to take off some place for a little while, and I took off a bit early. But I got what I could, and it came out well. I had a good con, and hope to have the chance to cover more next year. Thought I would say this was the hottest Anime Expo I’ve been to because of the insane heat wave that happened, getting inside wasn’t an issue so that helped a lot. I also understand some people had issues with their badge which wasn’t hard to fix really.

As always, everything must come to an end. Enjoy.

More photos from this grand party. I also got some video so that will be coming up. It was another insanely hot day out but I endured, because I can, but that doesn’t mean I liked it either. There was once again very large crowds, and since this was on a saturday it was the biggest day. One thing I found thing about Anime Expo this year was, despite the fact there was a lot of people there, I didn’t really see a lot of people I know. It’s an odd thing to say, but it’s true.

I still got plenty to show, so here it is.

I didn’t get as many photos this day, but still got a lot of good stuff. It was also one of the hotter days outside, over 100F. This had to of been the hottest Anime Expo I’ve been to to date. I also spent a good portion of the afternoon at Lucky Strike in Downtown. I found myself very well fed. Over all so far I’m having a good con, and tomorrow is the last day.

Day 3 photos will be up tomorrow, but for now, what I got the day before.

And now the rest of the photos I took during day 1. Day 2 also went well, but that’s for another post. Realistically there isn’t a lot to talk about other then the fact that this was the most crowded I’ve seen Anime Expo on the first day, and getting inside was rather quick despite the checks to get in during the day.

Plenty of good, silly stuff to behold.

So I’m back from the first day of this. I ended up taking a nap after I ate, and did I need that. It was a pretty good day and I got to cover a lot for one day, so much that I’m splitting the photos for the day into two albums. I kind of expected this to happen. Time to get myself ready for the rest of the weekend.

Can’t wait to see how much more I’ll be getting.

Well, today was day zero, and this was all I got so far. But, this is a big event taking place in 4 days so be sure to expect a lot. And besides, what better way to celebrate the birth of your nation then to goto an anime convention?

When you find this tiny tree starting to grow in and take a photo of it.

As I was starting to leave Carnival, I saw this guy here holding his sign, and couldn’t help but to recognize him. FernandoLove. Totally forget about him. But why have a fear of hoes?