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Archive for the ‘Photos’ Category

The Super Bowl is coming in less then 2 weeks. One of the teams playing is an LA team, The Rams. Pretty sure I won’t pay much attention to the game as it’s playing. I don’t care much for sports unless I’m actually at a game, because it’s way more fun that way.

So for now, here is one of my old football photos taken between Moorpark and Mt SAC.

And now for the rest of them, and the story. From Union we took the Red line to Hollywood to two different groups. I was in the first one and as I was talking photos, I had one lady act rude to me and said she would break my camera if i took any photos of her. I let her know I had no interest in getting her anyways.

Soon after I went in another car and was a guy freaking out about me not having pants and said I should put some on. I looked and him and gave what I like to call a, whatever face. Then others came on after me and it became funnier.

Then to the front stairs of the Highland mall for our group photo, where soon after some security guy came over and started telling us to move, which was our queue to head to Pig n’ Whistle, which is where we spent the rest of our day, and some of the night.

I would say, mission accomplished.

The first set is online. I was the ride captain for the Pasadena end of the Gold Line. We usually meet up at the Sierra Madre Villa Station, but because there was a warning the train might not be running the entire route the meet up with the Del Mar Station. The advisory ended before the day started but we met up at the new location anyways, which, I think was a better place.

From there we went to Union Station, hung out for about 40 minutes, and headed over to Hollywood from there.

And that, is the end of part one of the story.

He looks happy, as he usually is. Just bread-loafing it on this ottoman.

Another from our adventure at LACMA.

While at an event recently, I found myself looking at what I found to be quite an amazing view of Santa Monica Blvd.

Another neat thing we saw in Melrose. From a distance you aren’t sure what the rainbow is made from and when you got up to it you see, yarn.

Wait, what did the algorithm do?

While at LACMA we did a little shoot among the light posts. Stand another way and add some color.

Coming around the post, seeing you, doing things, questionable things.