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Archive for the ‘Photos’ Category

She is taking a, strange looking bath. And has clothing on. Huh.

A one day convention taking place at the Pasadena Convention Center, pulled off by the same people that gave us NerdBot Con. It was a lot of fun for something that took place in such a short time period. Along with the vendors and panels, there was also live music, like that of Jason Paige singing the original Pokémon theme. My main focus was to take photos, and would say I got a lot.

And now, time to enjoy the show.

My gf and I went to Studio Chibi in DTLA for her monthly Harajuku meetup. It was a set studio shoot where my gf choose the Tatami Mat. It is mental health awareness month and she did this style to bring out awareness for mental illness and that my gf is actually diagnosed with mild depression and anxiety. Menhera literally means “mental health” and it is a form of Yami Kawaii meaning “sick cute”. This is her alternative goth style of Menhera. Check out Harajuku Day page on Facebook. Maybe you can join us. Also, want to learn more about my gf’s style, alternative fashion, and other things check out her blog, The Occasional Other.

I always enjoy seeing there guys, not sure why, but just think they are cool. Just wish I can get up close to one again, like one I saw long ago that I actually got to touch it’s feathers.

I really do enjoy taking photos of her. While out during the weekend we found this interesting background, and used it.

Finally, pride season has started, and what a day I had. I got in the parade with a group of cosplayers, and the crowd loved us of course. The entire parade takes place on Ocean blvd, which is mostly residential but are all supportive people. Some places have little parties going on in front were I often find myself talking to and hanging out with some people after the parade is over. A friend with me got blessed by one of the sisters of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, which a video is coming of that. Got flashed, a friend with me was given a beer, had my hair played with, and we got a few buy one get one free chipotle cards. All awesome, but the last being my favorite, because chipotle.

Party season has returned.

That i found painted on someones garage door, while adventuring in Melrose.

When goth fashion is best fashion.

And here are the photos from the rest of the day. A number of them are some shots I got of Ricky Rebel, walking towards me. Also, I mentioned another celebrity that I got a photo of, Blake Ewing, who played Waldo on The Little Rascals. Turns out I posted the photo I got of him the other day. Thing is, I thought I got another one of him, but I think it was taken with someones else camera while at the Lip Kandy booth. Anywho, even thought I was only able to be there for a day, it was time well spent, and I still enjoyed being there.

Because what’s more fun then being around drag queens all day?

Well, I ended up going to this, by surprise. I have the greatest friends. I was only there sunday, but despite that I still got do plenty. So much I have to split the photo album in two. The rest will be online during the week. And, there is video coming. Just one, it’s short, and awesome. I met Daniel Franzese, who was in the movie Mean Girls, which I still think is one of the best movies ever. He gave me two tickets see see a show of his coming up but not sure I’ll make that. I also met another celerity, but that’s for tomorrow.

I also ran into Robin Slonina, who I met two years ago at DragCon before. She was a judge on the show Skin Wars, and I finally got to watching it so I can talk to her about it. At her booth she was also raising money for an organization that helps homeless LGBTQ youth in her area, Las Vegas. And you put your painted hand print on some dude. Awesome.

Anywho, time to check out this show.