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Archive for the ‘Photos’ Category

Another month, another meet up.

On our way back from Murphy Ranch.

While in Silverlake. I think there is a possibility there are more trees in LA then any other time. because if you look around at just the right angle, they are everywhere.

While on the trail to Murphy Ranch, or, ok, when we get there, we found this still standing building that had been covered in graffiti. It was awesome.

And now, the rest of the photos from the day. I got a lot more this time around, mainly because I had more time to be there. And there was no issues with the blue line on the way so that made things way easier. Umm, I don’t really have much more to say.

Oh well, here you go, enjoy.

I really didn’t get a change to get much that day. So much of a delay going down because of the blue line. I already knew before hand there were some tracks closed for maintenance so there was a bus bridge making the connection. But it gets worse. Three stops after getting on the blue line, at the San Pedro station I had to get off anyways because there was some kind of accident up ahead and they couldn’t let us go much further. I ended up taking a completely separate bus taking me to the Compton, to connect me back to the train. That was so wrong.

Anywho, here is what i got during the day, I wasn’t there all to long because we had to take off a bit early too. But I did get a lot more the next day so watch out for that.

In the meantime, cosplay galore.

That’s pretty much just it, her on a heart, painted on some stairs, being totally metal.

While hiking with the GF to Murphy Ranch, I couldn’t help but to notice the trees in the valley. How different in color they were to everything else around, and the number of them together. Something has to be there going them water. But when i walked by the area where water should be going through, it was dried up. I’m guessing it might be more flooded during the rainy season.

When you go up a bunch of stairs in Silverlake, and there is a hill on the other side of the street you are walking away from. Looks like there could be some nice places to skate down, if there isn’t so many cars that could also be in the way.

Well, what else do you do what you find a fresh tree truck at a place where there is all kinds of graffiti?