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Archive for the ‘Photos’ Category

Day one, took a while to get down, and the rain from the last few days didn’t help. But by the time I made it to Long Beach it was sprinkling. Over all everything was pretty good, and the sun ended up coming out in the afternoon. Plenty of good shots during the day, lots of good costumes and humor. But something I really sure do is record video, because now and there there is something silly that happens. That needs to be caught on camera.

Anywho, here is the the set fir the first day.

The rest should be going up tomorrow.

Another photo from New Years over a month ago.

Interesting building we have.

Ok, now they are online. I hung by the Chinese Historical Society building which i think it a good spot to get everything, and there are the lion dances that happen there to. My timing getting there was pretty good, since earlier in the day I was at the medicare for all rally, then just headed over to my spot which was a mile away, so getting there was not really a problem. Anywho, I also ran into a friend that I haven’t seen in years and after the parade was over we checked some other stuff out.

Good times, Now to see what the next party is.

Strangely enough, I edited the Chinese new years photos first. Then realized I forget about these. Oh well, it was quick. Nice little rally, a lot of people there, some good humorous sings which always makes me happy. While we were in Pershing Square there were two trump supporters that popped up to troll, and police asked them to leave. I felt very temped to troll back and would have done it far worse. Because it’s me. It started off with some speeches then we marched over to City Hall. From there there were more speakers and info for anyone that wished for more info about the rally. But by then I had to take off, because there was another party about to start up soon after, and couldn’t miss that.

Now, so many other rallies coming up, I’ll keep you updated on new info I get.

During the Night on Broadway event. Ran into a friend of mine with his squad.

While in Downtown I ran into this street fair, Night on Broadway. From what I understand it’s to bring more attention to the area, make it lively and have more people hang there and shop. I found out about it while I was there, and I always enjoy walking in the middle of a street.

And I agree, especially during his times. Might be a dark era, who knows, but don’t let anything stop you.

Photo from the Orlando vigil. A lot of people in the LGBT community have been feeling uncomfortable for awhile, in part because of newly sworn in VP that has a history of not liking the community, and the LGBT page on the white house website being taken off. These next 4 years are going to be scary for plenty of people.

Another shot from new years eve. I missed out on the Woman’s match today, I was supposed to meet with someone about making video but never heard back for them. Oh well, Some other time. In the meantime.