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Taken during Politicon. Just a silly little interview going going to show politics doesn’t always have to be serious. You can have fun with it to.

Really the same people, but one thing I noticed while reviewing the video, is the guy that I think was trying to pick the fight with me after trying to get him to claim down is there.

After there far-left wing people got escorted out, they stood in front of the convention center shouting, then I noticed a small group of trump supporters trying to counter them. This is what I recorded of that. At first I wasn’t sure if they had also got kicked out, but later on I saw the same people across the street with a car and more trump gear with them. I realized I think i’ve seen some of these same people at some rallies here in LA. Pretty dedicated group. I doubt they are being paid, but what if?

Done with the first day, got some nice photos and a bit of video.

After so long from when I first heard daredevil will be on netflix and seeing how good that show was, then watching the other shows, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist, which that itself was kind of, ehh. I knew this was coming in the long run and it’s almost out. I know it’s meant to be a miniseries and I’m sure it will be enough for me.

A month from today, this will be happening throughout much of North America. Where I’m at I should have around 70% of coverage. Not a total, but still, pretty cool. I’m pretty excited about this, and hope sometday I’ll get to see a total solar, but for now, I can do with this.

And for the moment, Vox did this pretty good video explaining when and how they happen, for those not exactly sure whats going on.

I’m pretty sure this is going to became an issue again for a while. But what better way to help explain then with porn stars?

Didn’t get as much video as I thought I would, but goes to show how many people can be in one group. The most exciting floats tend to be that with the most powerful speakers playing. They also tend to be the last ones on the route.

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I like this mouse, because of some of what you can do with it, and it came int he computer, so yay. But the one ting is don’t like is changing batteries. I prefer something that connected by USB but apple doesn’t really make mice like this with a cord, they never did. Oh the simple things, that is, if it is simple.

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Well, this was actually the first bit of video I recored, I loaded the other one first because it was what I wanted to go viral more. Not sure that’s going to happen. Oh well, once again, Rubin not making any sense.

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