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Archive for the ‘Video’ Category

Well, I’m now back from LA SantaCon, and hat was a lot of fun. Not sure how many photos I took but I know there was a lot. I’ll talk more about it when I start uploading. But for now, enjoy this short video.

Well, this was a long time coming. And, at the end of the trailer they reveal the full name of the move. Well done Marvel. As in, the only place the full name of the movie is mentioned is at the end of the trailer. It’s not even on the page they video is at.

Now I have to wait to april to actually see the movie. But first, Captain Marvel.

I’ve been waiting so long for the trailer for Avengers 4, but there is still nothing. I hunger. But this, does help settle it. And I do look forward to this movie, mainly because it looks cool. That and I trust Marvel with their movies.

While I am disappointed in a lack of Avengers 4 trailer that I was hoping would appear last night, At least there is one for season 2 of the Marvel show, Runaways. I saw the first season which I did think was pretty good. But at least I have less then a month to start watching this again.

Oh please, please, please, please, be a good movie. DC, you lucked out with Wonder Women, which I was very much looking forward to for years before, and was very happy with how that come out. I believe in you to out doing Justice League.

While at LA Comic Con I ran into a friend, and then we ran into Britney Spears, squared. He had a video idea.

Well, I did not see this coming. With Blizzcon happening right now, and wishing I was there, I got to see the opening ceremony online, which they do, and they reviled some new stuff (and renewed) for World of Warcraft, Diablo, and this which was a surprise. I’ve been a fan of warcraft since I played the second game as a kid, back in the 90’s. And that was what got into Blizzard games.

I very much want to see how this is come out, and most excited for the map editor. Is that strange to say?

Also, sidenote, the rest of the Halloween and LA Comic Con photos are coming. Stay tuned.

When you decide to record some video of people dancing at LA Comic Con, and after you hit record this song starts playing, then you realize you are to late have have to record the rest.

I did this to myself.

While the zombie walk was happening in Hollywood, we found ourselves waiting at the intersection, with this guy playing on his guitar. Of course zombies danced to the music, because zombies like to groove.

Strange things happen in stores when they are closing and there just happens to be a large empty area you can play in.