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incase anyone asks about the joke of trump doing 9/11 and what I said after, this should help.

Anywho, While at RuPaul’s DragCon last week.

The Mama’s & the Papa’s Cover, RuPaul’s Dragcon 2017, at the LA convention center.

More Dragcon stuff coming, but don’t want to flood it all in a row. I do more than take photos and video at such stuff. Thought, I don’t do that much video, I really should. But any who, why not watch a trailer to another show I’m looking forward to later this year. All while I get really to see Guardians of the Galaxy 2 tonight.

The first video of them. I got a few of them.

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Pretty early in the day of day 2, at least for me because I got there a bit later then I wanted, but was still before noon. I saw these people gathering together on the pick carpet so I knew something was about to happen. Soon their was clapping, and Latrice coming in to lead.

The rest of the photos will be up tomorrow, just wanted to load a video for now. And there will be more videos coming for those waiting.

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Neat little game to play, to back the mask they gave us to wear to go under the visor was making it hard to do anything till I ripped it down on myself some. I would like another chance to play, but this time, keep the mask out.

While at VRLA last week I saw this going on, Looks kind of interesting, and would have gone in to try it but the line was so long they had to put in a cut off point. I can only imagine what they might have been looking at.

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Something I got to check out during VRLA.

Saw this at The VRLA event from saturday, pretty cool thing. Just a taste of whats is going, I got a few photos out of it, mainly because there isn’t a lot to take photos of, sadly. But, Got some nice video. Brace yourself, some if it is a bit funny.

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Well, Since I knew the Star Wars Celebration was coming up, I figured this was also going to come out during that. It will be nice to see Carrie Fisher one last time. I would totally be at that event but, lack more, and it was in florida. Maybe it will be back in LA sometime soon and I can do that then.