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Didn’t get as much video as I thought I would, but goes to show how many people can be in one group. The most exciting floats tend to be that with the most powerful speakers playing. They also tend to be the last ones on the route.

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I like this mouse, because of some of what you can do with it, and it came int he computer, so yay. But the one ting is don’t like is changing batteries. I prefer something that connected by USB but apple doesn’t really make mice like this with a cord, they never did. Oh the simple things, that is, if it is simple.

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Well, this was actually the first bit of video I recored, I loaded the other one first because it was what I wanted to go viral more. Not sure that’s going to happen. Oh well, once again, Rubin not making any sense.

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there is a video that came out in 2012, of some people going to Dearborn, Michigan, a town with a lot of muslims, to preach the gospel only to have themselves being attacked. Well, the video is deceptive because what was really going on was those people there in fact basically picking a fight. The group was led by a guy named Ruben Israel, who is also known to goto pride events, comic conventions, what ever he can, insulting people just enough to where he might get attacked. And he seems kind of well traveled.

well, incase he tries to say he was just trying to preach the gospel, this shows he is lying.

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I saw this last night, did not expect to see it so soon. So many months to wait.

In the mean time, I’m now done with Ronin Expo, got plenty of photos and hopefully good video. I might have those photos up by monday night. But over all, I had a good day. Now to get ready for Pride tomorrow, got to get up early for that party. Still sad there is no parade this year, but lets see how the march goes anyways.

While ago Elton John and youtube were doing some kind of contest to make a pitch for music videos for 3 of his songs. Rules where given on what kind of ideas you have in mind for whatever you want. I had one for the song Tiny Dancer, but sadly my pitch video came out like crap because of wind. I didn’t have time to make a new one so I just didn’t bother and decided to wait to see what came out in the end. Below is that video. Rather different from what I had in mind for the most part, and I kind of feel mine would have been more interesting. But, oh well, but the fact Marilyn Manson is also in it, so that gives some points for me.

The other two videos done were for Rocket Man, and Bennie and the Jetts. Bennie and the Jetts I would say is my favorite of the bunch. I hope something like this happens again, so maybe I’ll have another chance to make something.

I know this trailer has been out a little while. Been watching that and clips of the movie already out. So can’t wait to watch this, and i’m really hoping it comes out to be a good movie.

Last interview video from RuPaul’s DragCon, at the LA Convention Center.

It’s something I’ve noticed on my computer before, and did test then. And recently realized it might make for an interesting short video.

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Muse cover. While at RuPaul’s Dragcon 2017, at the LA convention center.