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New Years Countdown ’20 0

New Years Countdown ’20

It’s going to take awhile to get used to putting down the year 2020 instead of 2019. Anyways, I got video of this that I started later than I wanted by a few seconds. I didn’t realize I wasn’t recording but glad I did at that moment because I would have been far more upset. As of now I’m hoping the rest of the year comes out better then the last few days because that’s been sucking.

But anyways, happy new year.

On Set For Grand Hotel 0

On Set For Grand Hotel

A while ago I posted a screen shot from the broadcast for the show Grand Hotel, where you can clearly see me skating around. Then recently I discovered the show was canceled after finishing the first season ended.

But anyways, I came across this video that I find kind of creepy from set, and you clearly see me in it, again. Along with Eva who was directing the episode, with her baby.

Sonic: The Hedgehog 0

Sonic: The Hedgehog

Well, this looks better then the trailer that was released much earlier this year. I do have to admit the design Sonic had before did weird me out some. I not entirely sure I’ll be seeing this movie, at least not in theaters, and Jim Carry looked like he could be the only redeeming factor. But not it looks like the movie has been more improved from what we got to see before.

Time will only tell.

Got Some for Us? 0

Got Some for Us?

Awhile back one of my dogs got pretty sick, but he is better now, and to help keep him around and happy, I have to give him some medication. Not much a problem, so how i do it is wrap it in some lunch meat, and he takes it all down. But of course his sister wants in on it, because, dogs. Then one of the cats realized what was going on and well, cats.

Dex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll 0

Dex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll

That awkward moment I decided to goto Portland, for some reason, and see a FionaX show and some how found myself in an episode of the show, Stumptown. I was on set for it. I was a pretty long day, but still enjoyed myself. One thing kind of funny was the guy getting my hair ready asked if I straightened my hair before I got there and realized that was my hair in it’s natural state.

Anyways, I’m seen in this clip between 0:18 and 0:20, behind Cobie Smulders. And now ABC has some kind of coding on their site making it so I can’t get a screen shot in the browser. Hulu is the same way. And no, I have no idea what I’m going there.

Escalating Zombies 0

Escalating Zombies

Anoter video clip from the Hollywood Zombie walk. It’s still going to take a while to get the photos from this, Running of the Clowns, and WeHo Halloween online. If all goes right I’ll have the new computer by the end of the month, but if anyone out there wants to help on that so it could be sooner, I do have these links you can help with.

Which I do have paypal at my email, I also have Ko-Fi, and I’m on the Cash app as thesteelshark.