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Archive for the ‘Video’ Category

Another vine video that I loaded on instagram. But this time it’s a higher quality one. Still shaky because I’m also running, but what can I do? My lens doesn’t have image stabilization. Oh well, I enjoyed that day anyways.

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Another old vine now on instagram.

Old #vine. #cell #phone #text #mesage #txt #mood #cellphone #textmessage PATREON.COM/THESTEELSHARK

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So, now they you can no longer upload videos to vine, looks like the place to upload my short clips will be instagram now. What was nice about that site was there was so little code you needed to paste to embed the video you wanted to use. But with instagram, you can put video up to a minute long. I really hope they figure out how to shorten the embedding code.

Saw a nice presentation of the new system coming out in 2 months. Wish I can link to the whole thing but yeah, not happening. So here is a new Mario game which looks awesome.

I really have one of the most adorable cats there is. Watching her roll around, being silly, sometimes it’s a bit hard to keep the laugher in.

#catsofinstagram #cat #petsofinstagram #pet #creature #kitten #play #meow #cute #adorable THESTEELSHARK.COM

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Went downtown for that party. Wish I was closer when the countdown began but kind of went dumb and started to rush over a bit later then i should have. At least I get a nice enough spot for how far I was without to much in the way. Lets just hope this year has more conquest in it.

So glad this happened again. I was laughing pretty hard seeing this for the first time last year, and this time I got video. Oh happy times.

So this is happened again, after 2 years and 4 months, I cut my hair again.

I very much enjoyed the first movie, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe just looks like it will do nothing but get better. Five more months to go.

Got while in the 3rd street tunnel. I like how it all echoes.