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Oh, please, please, please be a good movie. Like Wonder Woman was. It looks like it could be fun. Who knows, but it seems the end of the year is fast approaching.

Well, I have reason to believe this could be the last X-Men movie, till they are finally in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I was always hoping that day will come, but I also look forward to this movie. I only wonder what will be next after this.

I got done with this today, and like every year, a lot happening in such a small area. I was able to record this, and should have photos coming online later this week. So brace yourself for the show.

I’ve been waiting for this tailer for a while. I was expecting it to come out during Comic Com in July, but didn’t happen. But I still have no real idea what’s happening here other then some plot elements, like that of the Kree-Skrull War that’s been in the comics and that the movie takes place int he mid 90’s. And one sign for sure showing the movie takes place in the 90’s is when you see her on the train, which is the blue line here in LA, and the map in back shows what the metro rail system looked like at the time.

Is it march already?

So I was able to get a video in from Long Beach Comic Con this weekend. One of the Nerd-bot Girls was competing with this guy. Now, I was going to upload on instagram, but the video was to long, but I also believe it’s to short for youtube, so it hit me, why not upload to facebook? There is still an embedding code I can use and everything worked out.

Anywho, speaking of Nerd-bot, Nerd-bot Con is in 2 weeks. Be sure to get your tickets.

Out on a hike with the GF near Rustic Canyon to Murphy Ranch and there just happens to be a lot of graffiti along the road.

While on my way back from ScareLA saturday, I saw the news that McCain had died. I actually felt a bit sad. Thought I didn’t really agree with him much politically, I never really saw him as a bad guy. Thought one thing I was bugged about him was the fact he backed Trump, even after what he said about McCain, but later on he decided to call him on on being a jackass. Without surprise I found many Trump supporters spreading false info about McCain that was debunked years before.

But one thing I will always appreciate about him was back in 2008 when he was running against Obama for office, McCain seemed uncomfortable with what many of his supporters where saying about Obama, and you could see it, then this happened. He was a man of honor.

So as most people know the big news from the other day about Alex Jones, a guy that I found to be complete scum was banned on sites like Youtube, Facebook, and Spotify. And I think Thunderf00t said it best here. I will always consider Alex Jones to be a terrorist.

It’s nice to see the type of stuff Blizzard makes to promote their games. Games I’ve always enjoyed playing. I kind of miss playing warcraft, but my computer’s video card is no longer supported so that makes it hard. Nice little video of the character, Saurfang, who I believe will be significant soon. I so want to see how this new expansion will come out, which will be out in less then 2 weeks.

My GF recording some video of this to using my camera. Figured it would be nice to share.

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