AX ’23 Protesters

I said what I said in this video, and it’s entirely true. I’m sure I said this on here on before, and I know I’ve told a lot of my friends I used to be homophobic as a kid, and was entirely because of what I used to believe about the lgbtq community. One claim I remember is how the gays are always looking for victims, especially kids and are trying to convent them. The only people I’ve ever had try to convert me are the religious.

Then you look back and it’s the same tactics over and over again, claiming things like “they are shoving it down everyones throats!” When it has been the religious the entire time. These people never miss a pride event, are often seen at conventions, and pretty much any other event pushing on everyone else. It’s always been them. Just let people have a life, to have fun, be silly, and express themselves as they are comfortable with.

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