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Archive for March, 2017

Old Vine, now on instagram. Last year there was promotion tent at the grove for Zoolander 2. I didn’t know about this till I got there. This is one of the things I did while there.

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I hard to look at a page for some mainstream news source without people claiming fake news. It can be a story about something at a zoo, and there will still be people saying fake news. Yeah, I’ve seen that. The type of people saying it are what is expected, hardcore Trump supporter. Yeah, I keep seeing that. And what is one thing they freak out about so much? one of them being abortions of course.

I made a post on my FB page kind of joking about that and had some stranger tried insulting me for it. Good times.

Not sure I’ll be game for this, but took part last year when it was also the bunny hop. Had fun for the short time I was there. All because Wondercon was also going on that day and didn’t want to miss all of it. It’s starting at Clifton’s Republic in Downtown, but not sure if they will be moving anywhere. In case they do, just try to be there when it starts because I don’t know of what else might happen.

Awhile ago I had some friend help me involving a contest with this product, I help promote it out with a reference link, and get dried up this list for a prize. Didn’t get top prize but got something, and should be eligible with beta test the product before it’s official release. It got revealed the other day, and kind of feeling underwhelmed. I guess it’s cool in some ways and i would have it sit on my desk, lets me know when something happens. And they have a kickstarter up. Hopefully I’ll get to beta test it still.

This was the story, about some young girls in a photoshoot as some iconic female figures. I see not issue with that, then see the comment from this guy and had to give my say. But yes, I know she said that, I was there. Just, not sure what the time stamp is in the video, and to lazy to watch to find it. But if you have an hour be my guest.

But yeah, don’t think I want to block out the guys name. Prefer to put him on blast.

I often call him my little monster.

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I admit, I am an attention whore, and do want to bring more attention to myself and my photos so I posted this image on my instagram page, again. Often when I ask for advice on something what tends to happen is likes. I don’t want that, want advice. Well, what can I do? Then I got a notification saying a comment was made and was so excited to see what it was and… oh, hell. Well, I tried.

I had nothing going on, so I went over met with some local cosplayers and photogs and took some photos. Mainly it was to test my lens more to see if I have anymore more problems. Much of the time after taking one photo I would have an error, so I would have to turn my camera off, disconnect the lens and reconnect it again. I think I have to take it in again. Or do I need a new lens over all? Well, I like what I got while there.

There has been plenty of speculation on who is really running things. Bannon was greatly involved with the trump campaign and is also working in the white house now making opponents uncomfortable. Not really sure whats going on, but a lot seems to be a mess. It’s believed by many he is antisemitic, yet Trump’s son-in-law does happen to be jewish. Sure they look at each other thinking about how much they want to punch each other in the face.

Last video from the Nintendo Switch event I was at just outside hollywood.