True Colors

That awkward moment when you are still in Seattle from that AA meeting that ended up being a part of the show, Grey’s Anatomy. Then learn about a FABruary Winter Pride parade in the area and decide to take part of it, and it turns out you are on the show, Station 19, again. I’m on the left side wearing a purple button up.

First of all, who has a pride event in the winter? Before I was on the show I looked up if that does happen in the Seattle area and can’t find anything. Maybe that was something put in the show because this is its last season, and I think they wanted a pride event before it all ended. I was on this 3 days, and rained 2 of them. Also I saw a few friends while there. One of them called me to say she got booked for a show and I knew it was the same I was going to be on too, and asked for some advice on what to wear. I knew she was bi so I suggested to bring anything pink, purple, and blue. And because I liked the idea so much I decided to do that myself by also putting on my pink t-shirt, and blue flannel around my waist. She ended up bringing some totally different rainbow stuff and was given a cape.

And you also know it’s not a real pride event if I’m not there with my camera, and rollerblades, but still enjoyed myself despite the rain. Anyways, Symone, winner of season 13 of Drag Race was also there playing, Mary Mints. It was cool working with her, and we talked to each other a bit. I hope to see her at Dragcon this year, and I said to look at for the totally metal looking guy with the long, nice hair and nice camera.

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