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Archive for June, 2017

Well, today was the longest day ever, literally, because of what today was. Funny how we can always keep track of such a thing.

From on old road trip going through Texas. Some people, really, my god. Strange how often i say that even thought I don’t believe in the existence of any gods. Doesn’t matter, I still say what I want.

While at Target, I see all these carts left around the place not in their designated drop off locations. This is going to suck for who ever had to bring them back in.

From the Getty years ago. Not a lot going on lately.

Coming up next weekend. I first heard about this event two years ago, then went to check again when it was going to happen I saw it had already gone by. But last year my chance came and realized I double booked myself, because politicon was also happening the same weekend. So I saw part of the parade in the morning, went to Pasadena, then back in the evening and took some more photos during a concert. I actually had a good day, but this time, it’s the one event happening for me, till that evening. But, still a nice long day coming for me.

But if anything, at least check out the parade of bands on saturday, since it’s free and should be a lot of fun still. I’m excited.

Well, this was actually the first bit of video I recored, I loaded the other one first because it was what I wanted to go viral more. Not sure that’s going to happen. Oh well, once again, Rubin not making any sense.

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Well, that was a day of all kind of awesome. It started off with Resist March in the morning. Was worried I would run late and might have to play catch up. Well, I got there around when expected, but made it there before everyone started moving. One thing I was worried about was some of the party like atmosphere might be gone, but it was still there. A lot of good signs made, and everyone seemed to have been having a good time. It was a long walk to the end of the route from Hollywood between Highland and La Brea, to Santa Monica blvd, just past Robertson where their were some speakers like Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters.

One thing that I’ve always liked about the parade is the fact there are people giving some stuff out. Mostly something cheap like sunglasses, food samples or drinks. First I saw someone handing out something calling Larabar which I remember from last year. Still good. Also tried for the first time, propel, from gatorade. I liked that a lot. And some other drink called Maxwell. It’s mainly for mixing into drinks, and what makes it interesting is it’s in a resealable can. Nice to know the future is now here.

Another thing that I liked is that after the parade usually, the streets start opening up after all the floats have gone by, but it took a little while longer for that to happen because of the march. I enjoyed walking in the streets extra because of that. I did so much walking that day, and I really enjoyed myself more then I thought I would. It was a good day.

And now, take pride in your work, and the fun you have.

A one day event in Little Tokyo from saturday. A small convention but got plenty of stuff there. One interesting things that happened was a couple of friend are in a band and played a set. they also had a moss pit during a couple of songs. There was also other bands that played, along with other on stage performances. Despite taking place in such a small area, there was plenty that went on. Made for a good day.

And on a side note, my photos from LA pride will be up tomorrow, for those of you waiting.

But for now, here are some cosplayers.

there is a video that came out in 2012, of some people going to Dearborn, Michigan, a town with a lot of muslims, to preach the gospel only to have themselves being attacked. Well, the video is deceptive because what was really going on was those people there in fact basically picking a fight. The group was led by a guy named Ruben Israel, who is also known to goto pride events, comic conventions, what ever he can, insulting people just enough to where he might get attacked. And he seems kind of well traveled.

well, incase he tries to say he was just trying to preach the gospel, this shows he is lying.

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I saw this last night, did not expect to see it so soon. So many months to wait.

In the mean time, I’m now done with Ronin Expo, got plenty of photos and hopefully good video. I might have those photos up by monday night. But over all, I had a good day. Now to get ready for Pride tomorrow, got to get up early for that party. Still sad there is no parade this year, but lets see how the march goes anyways.