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Archive for November, 2017

So a pipe at my place feeding water to the sprinkler system came apart, so I decided to fix it. Well, things were going well, then a connection came apart. fixed that and found a leak, redo, and another connection comes apart. I used up so much and this what that one segment looked like till the whole things was redone, and another leak was found. fixed that and all became good. So tiring.

Well, this looks like it will be brilliant. The first movie was also really good. Also I remember recently there was news that Disney might be making a deal with FOX and the marvel characters they have the movie rights to might transfer over. Could this mean the X-Men and Deadpool will become Disney movies? I would like to see how that goes.

Doing a little shoot with the GF for testing reasons. I think it came out well.

Seems there have been plenty of claims about the legalization of weed. One in particular talking about how it’s increased violent crime. Makes sense to me that such crime would drop because people have less a need to steal and they are less desperate to find other ways to get what they are after. No, it may not entirely be the best thing for health reason, but we all do all kind of unhealthy activities and consume such unhealthy products and it’s totally legal anyways. Perhaps because it will cause fewer problems over all.

Maybe we should legalize the use of other drugs. Maybe it will also cause a drop in usage.

Recently on Facebook I reshared an old post about Thor, and a friend commented that she would rather have Loki. Well, gave me an idea that I should have came up with long ago. And now it’s happened. I of course used a shot from the first Avengers movie, because it felt more fitting to me.

Thanksgiving hasn’t even passed yet, but I would like the rest of this month to speed up anyways because November tends to be a rather boring month for me. Want it to be December so I can join in for santacon.

If you ask me, I think it should just be left as it is. It’s not that interesting anyways, I’ve been there. I know there was supposed to be more work to be done on it, but there is reason it stopped, and I think Adam explains it best on why.

As for the claims about adding Obama on, I don’t know of anyone agreeing to such an idea, even thought his supporters. Now the people upset about nothing want someone new added in when he hasn’t even in office for a year. That a bit hardcore.

Sometimes when adventuring at night, you find an opportunity to get a nice photo you didn’t expect to take.

I made this based on a political cartoon I saw awhile ago about asking the first question. Many people seem to believe the reason school shootings started happening because teacher led prayer was taken out of public schools when there is no truth to that. There have always been school shootings. And then people are surprised when there is a shooting at a church this time, when it’s happened before. And of course people need to make up claims to fit a narrative they believe in, spread it around and create bigger problems.

It never fails, the man shootings will never stop, and people will keep pretending to care and lie.

So, got my cats a thing, it took a little while but she climbed into it. She was happy.