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Archive for November, 2017

When you are dressed up to to a strange performance at an event with a lot of people watching and you are pound of yourself. I would be do.

I’ve been waiting for this to come out for so long, and I’m so excited. May next year, it’s a long way to go, and for the first part of the movie too, but it will still be fun.

And some say it’s the most wonderful time of the year. Or is that the beginning of the school year? Anyways, for me, the one thing I wait for to happen before the end of the year ends is santacon, because of the insane awesomeness. Oh god, I have to get stuff for people, and they have to get stuff for me… uhh…

I saw posts on reddit and facebook about the subject, and that makes sense, because you would have to end up paying for it no matter what.

While out today, I found this at an orange line station. I wonder what happened exactly?

Behold, the chaos that ensued during such a day which, umm… Well, there was still plenty of people, just not the mass I was expecting. I’m sure it all happened earlier in the day.

I still very much remember the weekend update that happened a month ago with Michael Che saying, this phrase. I think it makes sense considering the odd hypocrisy with some people.

Because there is always someone, somewhere making claims of some kind of law or rules in place for something and nothing about it exists. With todays technology it’s easy to see if something is mentioned in old documents because you can just do a word search. You don’t have to waste time reading something in whole only to possibly forget about why you are looking it up. But hey, why not make things up that fit what you want to believe in?

This is being talked about again. Seems most people are for net neutrality, and yet there are those few who are against it that want to ruin it for everyone. Will they listen to everyone else? nope, they don’t care. I’ll just make this easy on myself and post this video from Philip DeFranco.

Another day in Little Tokyo, mostly shots of the GF, because I like taking photos of her.