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Archive for May, 2018

Got back home from Long Beach Pride, and am I tired. And yet, such a good day. I was in the parade, and in rainbow colors. Had my red blades, newgrounds shirt with orange and yellow in the logo, green lantern socks, the blue of (most) the NG shirt, and a purple shirt tied around my waist. I have photos, and a video coming. I’m not in the video, which is good, because not everyone wants to see me so often. But I want to give an idea of what i looked like while there.

I was heading off to a shoot today and find this Barbie doll laying on top of this pipe. Not sure why, but whatever.

That i found painted on someones garage door, while adventuring in Melrose.

When goth fashion is best fashion.

And here are the photos from the rest of the day. A number of them are some shots I got of Ricky Rebel, walking towards me. Also, I mentioned another celebrity that I got a photo of, Blake Ewing, who played Waldo on The Little Rascals. Turns out I posted the photo I got of him the other day. Thing is, I thought I got another one of him, but I think it was taken with someones else camera while at the Lip Kandy booth. Anywho, even thought I was only able to be there for a day, it was time well spent, and I still enjoyed being there.

Because what’s more fun then being around drag queens all day?

While at Dragcon I ran into the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, and found myself blessed by Sister Unity. It also happened last year but forget to record it. I remembered this time.

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Well, I ended up going to this, by surprise. I have the greatest friends. I was only there sunday, but despite that I still got do plenty. So much I have to split the photo album in two. The rest will be online during the week. And, there is video coming. Just one, it’s short, and awesome. I met Daniel Franzese, who was in the movie Mean Girls, which I still think is one of the best movies ever. He gave me two tickets see see a show of his coming up but not sure I’ll make that. I also met another celerity, but that’s for tomorrow.

I also ran into Robin Slonina, who I met two years ago at DragCon before. She was a judge on the show Skin Wars, and I finally got to watching it so I can talk to her about it. At her booth she was also raising money for an organization that helps homeless LGBTQ youth in her area, Las Vegas. And you put your painted hand print on some dude. Awesome.

Anywho, time to check out this show.

Pride season has started, and that means grand parties thrown all over the place. I look forward to it every year. Mainly I go for the parades, because to me, being in them is the most fun. And after I hang around the area to get more photos of continued wackiness. I’ll be in the Long Beach parade with a group known as Queer Nerd Alliance, in our March of the Nerds. If you have a good cosplay, or something nerdy to wear feel free to join the group. The more, the better.

In one day while on instagram, I found myself getting a handful of messages a lot like this. Not sure what was going on but it was the same message over and over, just the beginning part looked like it was written by other people in their own words. Creepy. Anyone else get this?

My second time playing this game. Recording the only way i could, with my camera on the screen.