Monthly Archive: February 2020


No Need to Panic, Yet

Back in 2007, we ended up in the early stages of a recession, which the next year caused major problems. Then Obama was elected into office, and after some time the economy grew again. The stock market was growing, unemployment was going down and even thought it wasn’t perfect, things were definitely better. We recovered.

Now back when Obama was in office I would find people with a more conservative point of view saying the stock market going up doesn’t mean everything is going well for everyone, which is true, but it’s interesting how those very same people changed their narrative as it the stock market continued to grow in the last few years, which mostly has to do with stock buy backs. But if you also look back at some of the biggest single day loses in the history of the Dow Jones, 9 happened while trump was in office. But some of the most recent are more in connection to the corona virus, which he is also handling poorly.


Party Hat Squirtle

Along with the cloned pokemon, Pokemon go has also added versions of the generation 1 starters with party hats. For the time being. But as the saying goes, gotta catch em all!

Streets of Rage 4 0

Streets of Rage 4

As a kid one of my favorite games was Streets of Rage 2 on the Sega Genesis. Though I was more a Nintendo fan boy, while still am, I still enjoyed that game a lot. But over all this genre of game, the Beat ’em up I liked the most of any other at the time. Others like Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time, and Alien vs Predator I could also play through. I like the arcade versions of such games most because you could play with a few other people and there was just something so much fun about teaming up and taking on a big bad together. That might be why I enjoy taking on rare mobs and raid bosses on World of Warcraft so much.

Then last year I learned about this game in the works, and recently they announced 4 player co-op and released this video to show what it’s like. I’m pretty sure I’m going to buy this.


Clone Pikachu

New event happening in Pokemon Go, in celebration of one of the movies coming on netflix they are putting the armored mewtwo back in, along with different versions of some pokemon. Clones of them basically. The difference is there is some slight visual difference like this pikachu here has different shaped black tips at the end of it’s ears.

Can’t want to see what else I get that’s new.


In Bloom

Spring has returned to SoCal. Then again we don’t have much a winter here either. But I’m curious if we are going to have an unseasonably cool summer again, like it was during Anime Expo weekend last year. Won’t know till it happens, but for now, it’s nice to see the flowers coming up and the bees feeding off of them. Because we need bees and other pollinators.


Tropical Indoors

I was dropping something off as a venue a little while ago. It was in a pretty run down looking around but, the inside of the place looked rather nice. Rather odd setting to see together.


New Design

At least for the time being. I’ve had the same one for most of the last decade, and it’s been really hard to find something new that fits what I’ve always had in mind to make. Here is a banner I made to use, but not sure I’ll end up using it at all. I’m going to be spending a lot of time figuring things out. But for now, this is what I shall be using. Who knows how long that will be for.


New Chances to Win

Looks like the Monopoly game is back if you shop at stores like Vons. It’s clearly a much smaller play board this time, which I like because this can give a better chance in winning something. And there will likely be less clean up after the contest time runs out. Wish me luck.



Old photo while at the beach with some friends. Since winter is almost over I probably should make some time to head over to one of the more tide pool areas because you do see some really need stuff. And it’s ben awhile since I’ve done that.

I should get some stuff to help keep me warm to because california ocean water is really cold.


Cast and Crew

Another photo from when I was there for Bill and Ted Face the Music. This time it’s a shot of the crew, and Alex. Just wish I was closer to the stage then I could have gotten more, instead of forcing myself to zoom in, because that never comes out well.