No Need to Panic, Yet

Back in 2007, we ended up in the early stages of a recession, which the next year caused major problems. Then Obama was elected into office, and after some time the economy grew again. The stock market was growing, unemployment was going down and even thought it wasn’t perfect, things were definitely better. We recovered.

Now back when Obama was in office I would find people with a more conservative point of view saying the stock market going up doesn’t mean everything is going well for everyone, which is true, but it’s interesting how those very same people changed their narrative as it the stock market continued to grow in the last few years, which mostly has to do with stock buy backs. But if you also look back at some of the biggest single day loses in the history of the Dow Jones, 9 happened while trump was in office. But some of the most recent are more in connection to the corona virus, which he is also handling poorly.

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