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Another fun interview during Politicon. This time with Lady Justice. He superpower, she gives off an aura of holiness, for JUSTICE!!!

In local news, seems two different psychotic world leaders are itching for the use of nuclear weapons. There has always been problems with north korea for decades but with Trump sounding more and more like an idiot seems to be egging Un on, likely making people there more paranoid, making them want to work on their nuclear and missile program even more. And all for what?

Taken during Politicon. Just a silly little interview going going to show politics doesn’t always have to be serious. You can have fun with it to.

During day 1 of ScareLA, I spent the day with this person that I’ve been talking to and hanging out with a lot for about a month. We’ve been enjoying each others presence and really didn’t want to leave each other at all. I had a wonderful day with her during the convention, and wish she was able to join me during the next day but was unable to attend. A week or two before, there was a question I ask, and as of monday, she officially called me her boyfriend. I had such a massive smile on my face when she called me that.

But before any of that happened, and before we got to the convention center, I saw this mural in downtown, and wanted a photo of her at the wings. Because even thought most people see angels as beings with wings, I also see god like being to have them to.

The final day. I didn’t get as many photos here, but still quite a few at least. I didn’t say as long during the second day, but had plenty of laughs over all still. I had a really good weekend, and what made it better was seeing friends of mine that I didn’t expect. Would do again next year.

And now, for the final days photos.

Well, At first I thought I didn’t take that many photos, turns out I got more then I thought. Sundays photos should be up tomorrow, but I also need to work on more of my video from politicon. This was my first time at ScareLA, and it’s the first time it was at the LA convention center. I had more laughs then I expected, and knew I would have plenty of them.

Anywho, check out what I have for saturday, hope they don’t disappoint.

This is going on this weekend, and I’ll be there. I know, posting about it a bit late, but better late then never. Not sure what to expect since I’m new to this con, but sure it will be fun.

Really the same people, but one thing I noticed while reviewing the video, is the guy that I think was trying to pick the fight with me after trying to get him to claim down is there.

As most people know there is a lot of news about a possible collusion with the russian government with the trump campaign in last years election cycle. Trump and his suppers are often denying anything happened. But to me, when I saw that video of Trump and Putin together, that looked like something that should be on pornhub. Anyways, awhile ago news came out of Don Jr’s emails basically giving evidence something did in fact happen. Not sure if it should be said that’s the smoking gun, but it’s really interesting.

After there far-left wing people got escorted out, they stood in front of the convention center shouting, then I noticed a small group of trump supporters trying to counter them. This is what I recorded of that. At first I wasn’t sure if they had also got kicked out, but later on I saw the same people across the street with a car and more trump gear with them. I realized I think i’ve seen some of these same people at some rallies here in LA. Pretty dedicated group. I doubt they are being paid, but what if?