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Do you people remember at all the mess that happened the last time we had a recall election? And it was completely because of one guy, Darrell Issa. He ran for governor of California but lost the republican primary election, then the guy to win that, Bill Simon, lost the general to democrat, Gary Davis. I remember not long after that election I found people talking about a recall led by Issa, he decided to lead the charge, all because he just cared about being governor.

Soon after when the recall election was made official, Arnold Schwarzenegger announced he would run. The next day, Issa held a press conference, crying, saying he will not run, and it completely had to do with Arnold. He later came out and admitted he made a mistake.

As for these people my best guess is they are anti vaxers, complaining about a law that was passed, they are completely against because of massive misinformation related to their movement. Now, I agree, vaccines aren’t for everyone because there are a small amount of people that can’t get them for medical reasons, and is widely agreed they should be exempt, as the rest of us protect them with our immunizations. I have a couple of friends whose kid got measles because of this careless moment. Their selfishness will ruin lives.

I know there are people feeling iffy about this coming out, but so far I would say DC is improving on their movies after seeing Aquaman and Shazam. Lets see how this turns out.

Just when you start to think the fake skeletons of animals that don’t actually have skeletons, like spiders and octopuses are a bit much, this curveball comes right at you. The head of something that doesn’t even exist. I’ll be waiting for gryphons and jörmungandr next.

My dogs just became 7 a few days ago. And it’s pretty hard getting a photo of them looking at the camera. It’s always hard with pets because they tend not to get it. But I still like them anyways.

The last big convention of the year. Ok, the last big one I’ll be at for the year, since at the beginning of next month is Blizzcon and I don’t know of anything else after that, and it’s not an easy con to get into. Anyways, I’ll be there for this, and look forward to it. I’m just surprised it’s happening earlier into the month this year because it’s usually on the weekend of, or just before halloween.

Lets see if it works out better this way.

Well yesterday was a long and tiring day that prevented me from posting anything. But I’m back, and awake. Ever heard of the show, The Politician? Well I was on set for that. I watched through it but didn’t really catch my interest to much, but I know others liked it a lot. But I do have to admit there was some funny things that happened. I was there for two different scenes, The first involved a reenactment with Reagan from when he was in office. I was off to the side watching as everything was going down so I never really had the chance to be on camera.

The next was related to Ford, which was cut from the final product. Sigh. I spent a a large part of 10 years in highly uncomfortable shoes, and nothing on the broadcast to show for it. I also had a wig on for the first part. That was exciting at first, then because very painful. I don’t know how my friends that wear wigs in their cosplay do it. Well, that’s the background actor life.

While at Nerd Expo last weekend, my GF was going as what she calls a steampunk doll. I never could understand how my woman can always look good in everything.

Hold on, hold on, hear me out. I came across this post the other day about some company selling bottle openers, made from steel, then they claim trump also happens to be himself. And I thought that was oddly specific (explanation below), because if you ask me trump is totally weak. I mean, do you see how much he complains when people call him out on his behavior?

Let it start. If you know anything about the history of russia, that when it called itself the Soviet Union there was a time it was led by a man known as Stalin, who was a dictator. Now, the word Stalin comes from the russian word, steel, meaning, man of steel (I’m not kidding), which is what he and his supporters would say he is made of. But like any other so called strong man, all he cared about is remaining is power, and enacted what would be considered human rights violations. Much like trump, who, remember, has encouraged the promotion of war crimes.

Also, I really don’t think trump is the type of person that wold have a beer with a regular person. Now, I know Obama was.

I was only able to make it for one day. To be honest I was expecting more. But then again, I should know better when it comes to relatively new conventions. Saw a few people I know, and meet some of the Glow Girls, who I first heard of from a friend that worked with them on a documentary, I believe. They sure were a lot of fun.

It’s unfortunate I don’t have much to show. Hopefully it will pick up.

But it’s nice to be in Anaheim again.

In what I believe was less than a months time after these new special tasks were included to the Pokemon Go, I finished it. And in the end I got the mythical pokemon, Jirachi. I can’t remember what the hardest task was, but I didn’t let that stop me. Because I’m going to be the very best.