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From Moorpark. Now and then the schools head officer would set up this little game. Put on this pair and beer goggles, and see how well you would walk along the line. I tried it once and didn’t stumble around because I knew it was just an illusion. I got called a cheater but we still had a nice little laugh about it.

can’t believe how long it took for me to get this on Pokemon Go. I always thought it looked kind of weird, but there was something about it that I find interesting, I mean, fire and steel type. Seems almost kind of metal. Well, another legendary in the bag, and still so many more to go.

Awhile back while in Moorpark, for some reason the college decided it wanted to do a theme for that school year, The year of Science and Religion. I have no idea who thought this, or why it needed to be done, but I hardly cared. A fellow graphics student saw the poster, who like me, wasn’t much a fan of religion, stole it, decided to make something with the poster and added his own protest to it making use of the same imagery.

We were stunned to discover the poster was returned in a modified fashion but at the same time, we all thought it looked cool still.

On some days when at my place I have to walk by this one house on my way to the pokestop on pokemon go. And sometimes this dog is sitting in front just wanting one thing, to be pet. She will physically stop you just to have her head rubbed, then will just melt in your hands.

Much like Long Beach Comic Expo, this will also be happening next weekend. The plan is to cover this on sunday. I’m excited as always because this is the first major event I look forward to most after new years simply because of how wild it is.

At the moment to we are also looking for two more ride captains. If you are interested post on the event page on facebook.

So far this is in the plan for next weekend. My first convention for the year. I’m rather surprised it’s so early into it, and I know they will be competing with another convention that same weekend that’s less then an hour drive away. But if you ask me Long Beach is much easier to get to, mostly because of the metro. I just worry timing could be bad for them still.

It’s going to take awhile to get used to putting down the year 2020 instead of 2019. Anyways, I got video of this that I started later than I wanted by a few seconds. I didn’t realize I wasn’t recording but glad I did at that moment because I would have been far more upset. As of now I’m hoping the rest of the year comes out better then the last few days because that’s been sucking.

But anyways, happy new year.

I didn’t get much in photos during this event. It might have been a good idea if I left much earlier in the day too, then I could have covered more, but noooo…. I had to wait till it was 9 to get on the metro so I can take advantage of the free rides from then till 2. Hopefully next time LA Metro will decide to start that up much sooner next new years eve.

Or maybe next year I’ll just go directly there.

It was a total bomb for me. And I’m not saying that as a good thing. Last night I was at a party in West Hollywood, known as, BOOM! 2020 Icons. I wasn’t there to long and I thought it was alright. Just wish I got there sooner. Meanwhile a friend was there, Marky Make Up who stenciled this Ba-Bomb on me, which I like, and I still have on me.

And this is the part of what the night was a bomb. When I got back to my car I discovered someone got in it, and one thing they took that I’m most upset about is my iPod, because I need my music. A police report has been filed but I’m not sure how far this will go. My iPod should have a tracker on it but my phone isn’t picking it up.

A while ago I posted a screen shot from the broadcast for the show Grand Hotel, where you can clearly see me skating around. Then recently I discovered the show was canceled after finishing the first season ended.

But anyways, I came across this video that I find kind of creepy from set, and you clearly see me in it, again. Along with Eva who was directing the episode, with her baby.