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Or is this a special case Trump is willing to ignore? It’s almost as if his own rules don’t alloy to him or his family. This possibly sounds like corruption to me. I’ve mainly found trump critics outraged by this, yet his supporters are either ignoring it or trying to drive away from the subject. I am not surprised in anyway.

So I learned that is today. Would have never known if I didn’t see a bunch of posts online today about it. So here is an unpublished photo of one of my old girls.

Awhile back I came across this graphic talking about how if a guy was to give you a controller that means you mean a lot to him and he wants you to be a his healer. I didn’t like that so I made a slight edit to it saying something about how he wants you to join in killing bad guys.

She is my player two, we have been together for a year now having all kinds of adventures and dealing with bad guys, like that of people protesting conventions we goto together. She also has her own website showcasing some of her own work where she specializs in logo design, branding, and other collateral design.

Happy anniversary love.

Ok, maybe not ants because that’s pretty big even for them. Maybe for a rat?

It’s what she does, most of the time, and look for a new favorite place to take a nap for the week.

This is based on something I’ve been saying for a few years now, and I started to because of an old cat of mine. She was extraordinary. Then sometime late last year a friend had lost his wife. I’ve meet her before, didn’t know very well personally, but do remember she was a lot of fun. She meant the world to him and saw how devastated he was. I wish there was something I could do to help. He’s been talking about it for awhile, and that is why I made this image.

Besides, you never know how interesting they might be to other people.

It’s nice to see the type of stuff Blizzard makes to promote their games. Games I’ve always enjoyed playing. I kind of miss playing warcraft, but my computer’s video card is no longer supported so that makes it hard. Nice little video of the character, Saurfang, who I believe will be significant soon. I so want to see how this new expansion will come out, which will be out in less then 2 weeks.

Well, town, since this was in Moorpark long ago.

There was an interesting video that came out awhile ago with Trump. Which was celebrated because it was indicated he was talking about one group of people many far right wing, american conservatives already had disdain for because of the actions of a few, as of which most of their peers condemned.

Unfortunately there was already a group here in the US which followed ideals which promoted hatred against the LGBTQ community, along with those of other faiths, independently minded women, and others that down follow the same kind of ideals they hold on to, which completely involves controlling the lives of others. And they do so in the name of salvation. I learned long ago that those who try the hardest to prove how good or great they are, the more sinister their actual intend. I also know not to trust people that proclaim how important it is for them to save everyone. Because they don’t.

My girlfriend asked if I can post something for her. I’m kind of in a content drought so I’m glad she sent this to me, so I have something to post about for the day. We are currently living in a dangerous time. There is a disdain for the arts and intellectuals that has been ever growing. To be rid of such things will only go bad for the masses and make them easier to control, entertainment will be mindless and would only exist to glorify figures who only wish to rule. We need to back each other up.

I recently began selling me designs on Society 6. Supporting local artists by supporting, donating, and/or purchasing their work creates a relationship between culture and community. One’s form expression can be another’s inspiration. We’re living in an age age where the arts are in danger of losing funding, so supporting the arts starts with supporting your local artists and writers. So if interested.