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They are 6, 6 years old, how has this time gone by like this? why? I still remember how tiny they were. And they are such well behaved dogs. A little too well behaved. Other then the fact they don’t pay attention to you when you are trying to take their photo, but then again, most other animals are like that. Even some people in certain situations.

Or Richard. You know, I always wondered how you can get the word, dick, from Richard. I never really understood that.

Well, in a parking lot. Or, in a parking structure.

With a whole lot of plant life. And most likely all kind of animals, fungus, and any number of single cellular organisms flocking about without the viewing area of this photo.

While out today, I saw this while on the train. Thought it was a cool thing to see, as winter is coming closer it will start to become colder, and the mountains will start to be covered in snow. It’s been awhile since I’ve been in snow, so I kind of hope to see some against soon.

I think the biggest issue taking this photo was that it was done on my phone, in maximum zoom, so it’s going to look kind of crappy. Still cool to see something like this.

Well, I have reason to believe this could be the last X-Men movie, till they are finally in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I was always hoping that day will come, but I also look forward to this movie. I only wonder what will be next after this.

It’s so colorful… it’s amazing.

It’s amazing how some people believe themselves to be some kind of champion of truth and freedom. Yet when they come across fact checked info that completely goes against their narrative they have to censor it.

I’ve known about this Norman Thomas guy for years, and I found the quote given in the image, he never said that. But I have found that he often talked about both major parties, democrat and republican, have adopted elements of the socialist party platform. Some being social security, medicare, and our highway system.

Plus these so called capitalist don’t seem to understand how much capitalism and socialism have in common with each other. Far more then we were all lead to believe.

Because she’s dangerous. And it’s what I like.

Another shot from my hike around Murphy Ranch. I think it’s nice that even thought you are in the mountains and the trees, you can still see the city.