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To the World of Warcraft. It’s been so long. I remember last year learning about my old computer that when the new expansion comes out it will no longer be able to run the game because the video card will no longer be supported. My GF let me play some on her computer during times of free game play, but that was pretty much it.

Now I have my own machine again, and with the retina display it makes it beautiful. Well, everything on what I look at is beautiful on this screen. It’s the same size monitor as before, 21.5 inches, but because it’s retina display it has just over 3 times the detail. I’m enjoying this thing too much.

At long last, I can finally upload these photos. That was so painful. Anyways, after looking at them on my, new computer, I found myself kind of upset with how some of them came out, which explains why there are relatively few. That and many of them are almost duplicates.

I was also having some trouble trying to keep ahead of the group to get what photos I needed. I guess I need to do some running again. I could have brought my blades to make things easier but there is also the problem of how little space I have going through some spot.

But in the end, I still pulled it off.

After months of having no computer, I have one again, and it’s beautiful. A 21.5 inch iMac, like the last one (because I can’t afford a 27 inch), retina display, same size hard drive as before, 1TB, but a fusion drive (which is kind of a hybrid of the old style drive and solid state), and a whole lot more power.

What makes me happiest is the oddest of things. That is doesn’t have the newest version of the Mac OS. The reason is I learned last month that version, will not open any Adobe program before Creative Cloud. That means I can still use CS6, so I won’t have to figure out some hoops to jump through to open it up again. Oh the joy.

It’s been a long time since I was at the Doo Dah Parade. Ten years ago to be exact, but earlier in the year. It was with SoCal Anon, a group of scientology critics who had a spot in the parade. Scientologists tried to get us kicked out but the officials told them to get lost. We had a good time.

But anywho, Nice little surprise announced since this is related to the Running of the Clowns event from last month. I still have the photos waiting to be edited so once I get my new machine I will finally get to work on them. But for now, get to hold on a little longer.

Another old video of the cats from when they were babies. Also short enough so I once again put it on Instagram. I believe they were still 2 months here. I always remember wanting to have some this like this happen to me, and I’m happy the chance finally came up. Even though I had a claw actually go in my leg for a sec.

Last month there were fires all over the state. Well, in some parts. There was also a small one near my place that got took out kind quickly, but the damage is still there. I finally had a chance to check it out recently and got this quick shot.

An old video of mine that I do believe I loaded on youtube years ago, back when the cats were still just babies. I figured because of how short the video is it would be instagramable. Cats are funny creatures after all. I might also load other, older short videos on there too.

This came to a surprise to me when I caught it. It’s going to take a while for it to be at it’s fullest power, mainly because this is a semi-rare pokemon. But it will be worth the wait.

My cat, every time, he steals my spot, even right after I get up. SO to bug him I put my iPad on him. Still didn’t care.

Since generation 5 pokemon are on go now, I’ve been catching plenty of good stuff. And now the first legendary from the games is here. A steel and fighting type. Caught this last night during raid hour. It was all I wanted for now. But as always, gotta catch em all!