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Clean up on Aisle 2

A lot of cleaning supplies got taken. Sure, there is no cure for any virus, and not sure one will ever be found. But it’s still possible to kill them. TO bad what can be used to do so can also hurt us, but know how to use properly.


Empty Can… Aisle

Last week while at the store to pick a few things up, during the panic here is something else I saw. A lot of aisles were cleaned off. A lot of canned food was gone as you can tell. Well, it lasts forever as long as the can isn’t opened some how. At least, that’s what we’ve been told.


Just Sitting All Day

Awhile back I came across this post someone make about how apartments often charge people extra to have pets in their place, yet nothing extra for those who have kids. They commented how they’ve seen kids rip all kinds of stuff up, and their cat just sits on a towel all day. Well that’s why my cats do, and my dogs. Or they’ll hang on a couch, bed, or just anything else. Sometimes they go outside and just hang out.


In This Together

For those of you that actually visit the site, I’m sure you’ve noticed I’ve talked bout the mess happening because of the corona virus. Sorry I’m not giving much an escape. This has been hurting me and a lot of people I know, and seeing them freak out is much more worrisome for me.

I want to make some kind of database and use my web space for the moment at the least to help bring attention to others that run small businesses, are artists that aren’t selling as much work, those who work events but are unable to because of the cancelations and postponements, or anyone else effected that I’m overlooking. But as of now, this is about the little guys.


New Setup

With the apocalypse looming, my place being full of people, and one of them required to work from home, I was asked if my desk in the computer room can be used by them. Because it would be more comfortable for them than the dinning room table. So, then I got this little desk to do my work in my room. I’m pretty sure this will be temporary as the end of the world slowly draws away.


Do You Not See It?

A comment I’ve commonly come upon from trump supporters on a story about trump himself behaving badly is how everyone is just “trying to make him look bad.” Really? Thi sis well documented, and we are all watching this happen in real time.

Now, I’ve never really been Spongebob fan. I’ve seen the sho wand don’t care much for it, but it’s clearly memeable. You can always find people stumbling across a frame from the show and use it to get some kind of message across. I figured one I thought of would work in this situation.


Save Some for the Fish

My state is on what some people are calling, a lockdown. I can’t believe how out of control this virus is. So many events postponed or canceled, people stocking up on everything expecting to be in for the long haul. I know it will get better, but unfortunately I know it will get worse first.


Parents Just Don’t Understand

I was on last nights episode of Mixed-ish, and was very noticeable in the back. Unfortunately this was the last show I was on and might be awhile till I’m on something again, completely because of corona virus. A lot of stuff has shut down because of it.

Anyways, originally I was supposed to be a coffee shop patron. I was there a few days before for a fitting to see what 80’s era closing would work best for me, and have ready for when I came back on set. Got there and gave me a completely different outfit because I guess the director or someone else thought I would work better as someone working at the joint.

One thing I particular funny that day was when I got to the stage I was on the other side of the counter and acting like I was working that job, so I asked one of the crew ladies what she would like to drink. She replied “I’ve had 3 expressos already” for the day and I said back, “Alright, one nyquil.” She had a good laugh at that.


Can Almost Reach It

Never found myself so close to a rainbow like this, it’s almost tempting to walk out in the field to get both pots of gold. Makes sense to find such a thing on St. Patricks day. This is why I need to start bringing my camera with me more often again.


Overflow Lot

For the last week some of the big news is stores running out of food, cleaning supplies, but mostly, toilet paper. One store people are crowding in is costco, and one in my area has so many people going there lately because of corona virus, they are parking in lots that belong to completely separate businesses across the street. Not sure they are allowed to do that, but some people can be desperate.