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I had nothing going on, so I went over met with some local cosplayers and photogs and took some photos. Mainly it was to test my lens more to see if I have anymore more problems. Much of the time after taking one photo I would have an error, so I would have to turn my camera off, disconnect the lens and reconnect it again. I think I have to take it in again. Or do I need a new lens over all? Well, I like what I got while there.

There has been plenty of speculation on who is really running things. Bannon was greatly involved with the trump campaign and is also working in the white house now making opponents uncomfortable. Not really sure whats going on, but a lot seems to be a mess. It’s believed by many he is antisemitic, yet Trump’s son-in-law does happen to be jewish. Sure they look at each other thinking about how much they want to punch each other in the face.

Last video from the Nintendo Switch event I was at just outside hollywood.

Even by me, but that’s not the case here. I do happen to watch this show myself, and am humored by it. Then when I found out about this story, I checked on twitter and saw she donated to his gofundme. Of course the response from some other people is not a surprise, but what makes it funnier is the type of people outraged. I guess it’s selective. If you ask me, learn to laugh at yourself.

And link to the images here.

After I was done with the Nintendo thing, I went downtown because this was happening. I pretty much got the tail end of it as most of the people had already left. I also get a small group of what looked like trump supporters likely there to troll as they were leaving.

And since Today is International Women’s Day, this might be an appropriate day to post this. And in case anyone says “where is International Men’s Day?” it’s on November 19.

So for now, here are the photos.

Was having issues recording from the start, so I didn’t get as much video as I hoped for. Anyways, When I played, I did like it, but better to record others.

Just outside hollywood at Raleigh Studios. They had little photo booths set up, and a lot of games ready to play. It was a bigger space then I expected, and people will come in in sessions. The first group went in at 10 and played for 2 hours. I was in the 12:30 group. Everything seemed to have gone by pretty fast and I didn’t even realize time was about up till they announced it.

First game I played was Arms. Simple game to learn, but depending on your opponent can be a challenge. The round I played I won pretty easily. I also played Super Bomberman R, Skylanders: Imaginators, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and Fast RMX. I also want to mention that I liked Fast. I first saw gameplay of the first game at E3 2 years ago and reminded me of F-Zero.

Anywho, I also recorded some video, and will be online soonish.

As for now, what photos I got.

Recorded some people playing at a Nintendo Switch release event. There are also some photos and a few more video coming. I also played this game myself, and lost pretty fast.

On my Facebook feed, a friend posted this link. Of course find kind of funny, and did expect a few things. But I also noticed something along side, which huffington post is famously known for being rather left leaning. Though I tend not to use them as a source, sometimes I see something kind of funny. Meanwhile, I’ve notice this on other more left leaning sites, sometimes they do display a sense of humor, which is something I see as important. Kind of gives off the idea you have some life in you.

On the other hand, sites like infowars, breitbart, and other more right leaning sites, it’s something else completely. I see fear, and rage, especially in the comments section. It’s like it’s there for another reason.

Came across the first photo today, and knew it looked suspect. Then found the other one. As I let everyone know, politically I do lean more left, but I don’t like when false info gets spread around about anyone.