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Muse cover. While at RuPaul’s Dragcon 2017, at the LA convention center.

Sometimes you don’t have to try that hard. As I’ve said many times before, some people can sure dish it out, but can’t take it themselves.

Another video from this party. I got one more interview coming.

Well, this happened, and it was kind of funny. What kind of person picks a fight with another online because of what they say or post?

incase anyone asks about the joke of trump doing 9/11 and what I said after, this should help.

Anywho, While at RuPaul’s DragCon last week.

Because I took this photos the day after Cinco de Mayo, while I was at Olvera Street. I was hoping to meet with some friends but I got a little to bored before they got there, much later then I expected. Oh well, at least I got something for the day.

The Mama’s & the Papa’s Cover, RuPaul’s Dragcon 2017, at the LA convention center.

More Dragcon stuff coming, but don’t want to flood it all in a row. I do more than take photos and video at such stuff. Thought, I don’t do that much video, I really should. But any who, why not watch a trailer to another show I’m looking forward to later this year. All while I get really to see Guardians of the Galaxy 2 tonight.

The first video of them. I got a few of them.

A post shared by Dan Cooke (@thesteelshark) on

And now, the second and final day of this wonderful mass of craziness that convention was. Day two was a bit lighter, but there was still a to going on. The video I posted yesterday happen not that look after I got there. I remember being excited from DragCon to happen before but really didn’t expect to enjoy myself so much more then I did. And as I mentioned before, DragCon NY is also happening later this year, and will be in LA again spring next year.

Remember everyone, there is video to come, some music and interviews.

[sigh] I miss that party already.