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So, I got this neat thing during day 2 of Wondercon. I said it was a busy day. In fact I got two of them. I think the second I got on the bus while on my way back, that luckily had wifi and outlets so it added to the fun.

I had a good weekend. Now if only I can get the ice Castfrom, and the shiny version of that, along with the shiny water, and shiny fire versions to.

And finally, the last of them. Wish I had a chance to head down for the third day, but had something else to do that morning and would have got to Anaheim kind of late in the day. But at least I enjoyed myself there.

Day 2, which was on a saturday, like any saturday of a convention was the most crowded. I also find myself hardly walking around int e exhibit hall. Likely because the lighting in there tends to be kind of bad. I still try to make do with what I have.

And now, the finally.

And now the start of my photos from my last day at wondercon. Not entirely eventful, just walk around and take photos, which is pretty much my main focus. And yet I just realized I think I talk about smaller conventions a lot more then the bigger ones. lets see if that’s true at the next con coming up.

And for now, here’s whats in store for now.

Recently I came across this image with Karl Urban and Cate Blanchett from when they were in Lord of the Rings and Thor Ragnarok saying “Before discovering metal, and after.”

As a metal guy I know this is completely wrong And knew I had to make a fix. Since there are bands like Blind Guardian that when I first heard them my thought was “this is Lord of the Rings.” And then Amon Amarth from when I first heard them I couldn’t help but to notice how it sounded like Norse myth. Which is what the vikings once believed, and has figures like Thor and Hel.

And now the rest of the photos for the first day of the con. The rest of the photos will be up during the week, so hold on a little longer.

There isn’t really a lot to explain of what happened during the day other then taking photos and catching pokemon. I did a lot both days I was there.

But for now, enjoy the photos.

Photos are now coming online. I was just there for days one and two, and got plenty of stuff during that time. For now the album for day one is being split in two, because if I have all of them up attention is lost sooner.

Anyways I did pretty much what I always do, take photos. Enjoy.

I had myself a good weekend. Was down in Anaheim for Wondercon, but for friday and saturday. Took a lot of photos, and got a lot of pokemon. There is a gym at the front of the convention center that had some raids going on, and it was for this bad boy.

I fought it during two different raids on friday, beat it but kept getting away. Third time, the next day, I got it. I was so happy.

Anyways, I’ll start uploading photos from Wondercon tomorrow.

An odd thing about my car, every week she find herself a new favorite place to sleep. Didn’t expect under my blankets.

A fire came by here during fall last year. And from he ashes comes new life. Pretty much all plant because they can do that.

Got something in the mail for the dog, not sure he’ll like this.