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While at Anime Pasadena I came across this cosplayer getting ready to start a painting. I figured it would make more sense to record it.

A concept I’ve had in mind for a while and now getting to. There might be some changes for when I put online to sell, but here is the basic idea.

Two weeks ago a friend did a show at The Virgil before going on a road trip. I was there to help support, and had a good time. Got a few photos while there and mainly posting so they can be online.

Maybe I should also do video.

In that same bath someone else went splish splash. Seems to be a popular place, but doesn’t look to comfortable. Well, what can you do?

I mean, really, it’s a tower full of bells. What else would you call it?

I ran into Sister Unity of the LA Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, and gave a blessing to my friend hanging with me during the day.

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I rather small convention taking place in Little Tokyo. I wasn’t there very long, and didn’t get many photos, but of what I did get was pretty nice. Not a lot to talk about, but there was some musical performances. One was a rapper that did song about anime. The Library Bards also played a set, along with a band playing music from Nintendo games.

Anywho, check it out.

The parade has returned. Thought I enjoyed up enjoying Resist March much more then I expected, I’ll miss it. But it’s nice to have a parade again.

Not exactly in the more victorian style, but with a flare taking influence from a later date. See what I did there?

She is taking a, strange looking bath. And has clothing on. Huh.