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Coming up this Sunday, I’m excited for it of course. So I have to look forward to before the year events. Different events, movies, and such. I’m excited. But first things first, the zombie walk which I enjoy every time.

Sometimes on your adventures you come across birds that just don’t like you.

Well, Halloween hasn’t even passed yet, and it’s starting to look like christmas again. Oh boy.

I remember when i saw the trailer on the first movie, I was like, “totally going to see this.” took a bit longer then i expected but I really enjoyed it. I heard about a sequel in the works for a while and now to finally see a trailer. I’m pretty sure I’ll enjoy it just as much.

Alex Jones is at it again with his fear mongering rants that are just going to get more people killed. After his claims about 9/11, Sandy Hook, and the fact parents of those killed during that massacre have been getting death threats for years because of him. Now he is making stuff up again.

And it really doesn’t help when the main guy in the White House actually listens to him. So many people are dead, and this guy is basically eating their corpses like the ghoul he is. And he makes money off if it.

for so many years i’ve seen something in relation to Octoberfest, which everyone knows is pretty much a german thing, but sure it’s is also celebrated in other places like here in the US. Always wondered if there was some kind of event some place around here I can check out and take photos. Oh, there seems to be, but, oh, I have to buy tickets. Wonder if there is a free event. I’m guessing not. Oh well, maybe someday i’ll see something like it. But for now, this I found at the store.

While in Pasadena Saturday, before NerdBot started, I was walking around old town and walked into this art store, Blick, and inside the store I saw what looked like Meat Cat from 30 Rock. Him and his flying skateboard.

And here are the last of the photos. Pretty sure they might need to do some expanding for next years NerdBot Con, because there was definitely more people this year. Question is, where would it take place at? or will they take up the entire convention center next year? I have no idea, but can’t wait for it.

And now, the end of this party.

It was a one day event in Pasadena, and I would say it was bigger this year then last. I had more fun this time but didn’t goto the after party this year. I got there a bit early so it was nice to see everything going on before everything started. not sure i’ve done that before, if I have, it’s been awhile. I think my favorite thing was seeing Carrie Fisher’s dog, Gary/ Because they will be the closest I’ll ever be to her.

Anyways, I’m posting the photos in two parts, because, there are a lot of photos.

Now for part one of this party.

This is pretty much what i’ll look like during the day. I call it, Gangster Link. Which is yes, what I made the quick drawing of the other day. I’m going to enjoy this.