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And here is another, Also posted on instagram because of how short the video is. One I recorded was much longer and might put on youtube. That is is it’s good enough to put online. But for now.

I took my cat to the vet today because she had an injury on one of her legs. It was caught early so there wan’t exactly a lot needed to be done. And as many times as I’ve seen photos people have posted of their cat in the sink at the vets office, I never have myself, till today.

Alright, time to upload the photos I got during the day. It was pretty much of the parade, And some video of the lion dances. I’m going to review the rest of those to see what I can also put online. I hung around the Chinese Historical Society building along the route, which really is the best place to see the parade.

Gong hei fat choy…

I recorded a few videos. Some with my phone, and with the SLR. This is just the first. There is also photos coming.

You glad to see me? So much of this color, at this one place I found myself at. Uhh…

Coming in about a week from now. My first convention of the year. Lets see how this goes.

I know I posted a photo of this before, but was at a different angle. At least, I’m pretty sure this is a different angle from what I posted before. Looking through some older photos I saw this again and remembered how cool it looked at the time.

It’s been really cold out lately. So cold that I’m pretty sure I saw a White Walker go by with a baby. I also saw what looks like streams of water going down the rocks that ended up freezing. I hope this ends soon.

The Super Bowl has came an went and I didn’t really pay attention to the game at all. This ended up airing soon after it started, I remember that, and was really the only thing I was looking forward to. Less then 3 months away.

Well, I plan on joining this party again this year. I missed out on last year because Long Beach Comic Expo was going on at the same time so there was no way I could do both. But since nothing else is happening next weekend, all is good to go. And I will of course be in the best spot to see the parade.