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Two day certainly had more going on. Well, there was far more people there. I suspected that was going to happen. Anyways, I also got there earlier and was about to get some more photos out of it. I also spent a little to much time playing one game from my childhood, Alien vs Predator. Hey, it was free to play.

I was unable to make it there 3rd day because I had something else I was up to that night of day 2, which required me to be awake real late.

Over all, I’m glad I got to go.

And the second part of this video. Well, this is the last of what I got from Hollywood Carnival. I did record another video but for some reason I recorded vertically. Maybe I’ll check that out and fix it later. But for now, listen in if your homeland was named.

The first day of a new convention for me. I wasn’t sure what to expect. The most noticeable thing was the mass of arcade and console games set up. I played a bit of Mario World, which really has been a long time since that last happened.

I didn’t get a lot of photos because there wan’t exactly many people in cosplay. Then again, the first day was on a friday, and I did get there kind of late in the day.

Lets see what tomorrow holds.

Seems I still have a bit of video from this event a month and a half ago. I’m so glad I had sun screen on, which I got a couple of weeks before at LA Pride from a medical van there. I just wish both of those events and more like it happened more often.

And if you are wondering what Soca is, it’s a genre of music with origin from the Caribbean.

It’s like almost every time, get up from my chair, and he is in it right away. And sometimes I find him were when I wake up. That little monster.

I wonder what this person did to have their car pelted by such a object? Well, at least it wasn’t tomatoed, or TP’d, or bricked, or run over by a tank, or tossed in a massive industrial shedder.

I’ll be heading to this party this weekend. It will be my first time there but will likely be at the con for just a day. Since I’m going to have a busy weekend. [cough] double booking [cough] oh, sorry. But hey, I like to keep myself moving anyways.

I recorded a bit more video then I thought. And it was just enough to where I was able to split it in half. Relatively. This time it’s more of Rubin complaining about the LGBTQ community, that it’s also known to protest against during pride parades around the US. But really, who is funding this guy?

And now the last of them. Oh what I weekend I had. As much as I would have enjoyed it going inside, I still had a good time outside the convention center. And the sunburn I got on the weekend if you ask me was worth it.

Till next year, hopefully I’ll get in, and will be there all four days.

Photos from the last day, now coming online. Not all of them thought. Once again I spent my time outside, but get there earlier. Not as many people since the last day is usually the least populated but still plenty going on.

And I got to run into a friend I’ve been hoping to meet with again for a few years. He lives in Florida so it’s not easy.

Anyways, time for the start of the end.