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Got myself another legendary on Pokemon go, Tornadus. The only purely flying type pokemon that I know of. It took 3 raid battles to finally catch this guy, and he was a lot of trouble to get. I think the only ones I had a harder time with was Mewtwo and Kyorge.

After all, that is the reason we learn about history, right? One instance I can remember learning about as a kid involved both world wars. Before the first war there was a lot of tension between France and Germany to a point everyone was expecting things to blow up at any moment. So to prepare themselves France set up fortification along the border incase the Germans attacked and would be taken down. To get around that Germany literally went around and plowed their way through Belgium to catch the French by surprise.

Twenty Five years later France sets up the Maginot Line and completely forgets what the Germans did the last time, and fell. That’s just one instance, and it seems history repeats itself far more often than we all realize like we have done before in our own country. A nation isn’t meant be run like a business because they are two completely different things. I also remember coming across a quote from Adam Smith, the father of capitalism himself talking about how, “The government of an exclusive company of merchants is, perhaps, the worst of all governments for any country whatever.” Which is exactly what we’ve had for far too long. It’s like some people just choose not to learn from our mistakes.

Another video I recorded, but this time it’s on instagram because it fits the maximum time frame allow for a video upload on there. I just wish there wan’t so much code you have to paste in order to embed it. More to come.

During the weekend in pokemon go, there was a time window set in game for a new pokemon to appear but could only be caught by completing field tacks. This was all happening an hour before the super bowl started and went on for 3 hours from there. Pretty sure you have some idea what I was more focused on during that time.

And the best part, my first catch was a shiny.

The year of the rat has officially begin. I was there for the parade as I am every year and was at my favorite spot. While the parade was going on a friend cam by and hung with me for the time. She’s never seen he lion dance before in person and as I expected, she loved it. I would have hung around there though out more of the day but had some place to go.

But as always I had my fun celebrating the new year.

I was in Chinatown this weekend for Chinese New Year. Nice little tradition of mine that i’ve been doing for some time in the middle of the last decade. And eventually I find what I believe is the best spot along the route because I get to see the Lion Dances. I think it’s the most interesting part of the parade.

It’s not often I check out how powerful the lastest pokemon I’ve caught are, but when I do sometimes I get surprised with one that is at the highest possible stats. Now to evolve it too Armaldo and put it to the highest combat power number it can possible have.

An old photo of this scrub jay that I took with a, rather large lens attached. I’m hoping eventually I’ll get another lens like this, or with more zoom so I can get shots like this again. But I would also like to see more interesting wild life around too.

All created by a gopher that’s been hanging around my place. And my cats despite being hunters, they are actually kind of weak at it. I came across one of them starring at a hole that I guess it’s head popped out of but he clearly had no luck.

Would be nice if it would dig around in areas there isn’t grass growing because that will loosen up the dirt so something can grow there again.

It came out today, so I figured why now, I just wanted to play. So far the gameplay runs nicely for me. No real issues as of yet, but when in the main menu area things are a bit choppy.

So far the maps i’ve played a pretty copy paste, but did see what I believe was at least one new difference, and was on the first human level making a change on one of the bandits you fight. Think I should expect more as I play on.