10 Most Disturbing Cults That Are Still Active 

While on youtube this morning I saw this video on my front page, and just wanted to share it. A few of these groups I didn’t know still existed, and there are a couple of new ones to me. One I remember learning about in the last decade was Rajneesh, who was responsible for what is the biggest bioterrorism attack in US history. There is fundamentalist mormons, and one sect led by Warren Jeffs would kick out young boys, so the older men in charge had less competition for younger victims to marry.

What surprised me is that scientology wasn’t mentioned. Given it’s well documented history of stalking, harassment, and violence against critics. Hell, they’ve even faked death and bomb threats on themselves in the names of their critics. But yeah, I learned about this stuff for a reason, and it’s to spot when someone I know is in a potentiality bad situation, and I can warn them about it. But I also want other people to know about these groups and the warning signs, so they too can help fight back. If anything seems too good to be true, it likely is.

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