Monthly Archive: January 2017


Let Me Tell You

While in Downtown I ran into this street fair, Night on Broadway. From what I understand it’s to bring more attention to the area, make it lively and have more people hang there and shop. I found out about it while I was there, and I always enjoy walking in the middle of a street.


Crack, Now in Cereal From

Who knew this existed? I sure as hell didn’t. Also, note to self, bring the iPod with me more often. I forgot it while I was out during this and had to use my phone, which has a crappy camera on it. uhh…


Chinese New Year ’17

The celebrations have started, but the parade is next weekend. Always a colorful event with a lot of stuff happening in the area, like music, stage shows, and people firing confetti all over the place. It’s the year of the Rooster, Alice in Chains did a song about a rooster.

And my god how long have I been so this? Let me check photo library… whoa, 2006. See you there.


Make More Art

And I agree, especially during his times. Might be a dark era, who knows, but don’t let anything stop you.


Crowder, You Lying Jerk

I saw the original image a few days ago, thought it was strange to find such a claim because I know for a fact i’ve seen news on it many times before. Then checked the date of who this so called march was happened I saw it hasn’t happened yet. Kind strange how after the women’s march happened last weekend there was comments from against it talking about how “what are they looking to accomplish?” “do they really think protesting will do anything?” only to turn around when this happens and say “look are what we are doing! acknowledge our cause!” Well I ask those same questions back, “what are they looking to accomplish?” “do they really think protesting will do anything?” and, “what was the tea party then?”

Then for some people like Crowder to have the gall to call the media dishonest when he was being completely dishonest himself. But over all, I just want these “pro-life” leaders to just admit what their cause is really about. The Leader of the Pro-life Action League has so far, and you know there is more.


Anime Los Angeles ’17

I’ve had some friends ask if I’m going, I am not, mainly because of distance from my place. Really don’t want to do that ride. But why not post something about it as it is this weekend, so if you are available, why not check it out.