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Why So Angry?

So some page on Facebook posts this image of Obama giving some kind of medal to some celebrities, and on the bottom of the image it shows a war vet with prosthetic legs with added text basically saying “what the fuck man?” indicating Obama has ignored and disrespected our vets and war heroes. There is a problem, or many. First, the celebrities were getting what was known as the Medal of Freedom, which is a civilian award that has been handed out since the 1960’s. When a guy in the military would get, and is placed on them would be the Medal of Honor, which Obama has in fact given out plenty at least.

This guy who obviously had someone piss in their cheerios went off on this, well, you can read it, and I well, was being me, show him he is getting played, but not doing that good a job at it I guess. And yes, I got blocked. I also have reason to believe they blocked every other person to disagree with them.


WonderCon ’17

Coming this weekend. Yeah, I don’t have a lot to post lately, kind of bugs me, but this is coming up. Should be fun, again, and is back win anaheim this year which makes plenty of friends of mine happy, even thought so many of them are much closer to the LA convention center. Sometimes it’s nice to have variety in the places you go.



Oh, the movies coming out that I’m waiting to see. I’m really hoping this comes out to be good, and I feel the same way with Wonder Woman. But first, It’s about seeing Guardians of the Galaxy 2, because that’s out in just over a month.


Pillow Fight Day ’17

Yes, I know, it’s set for April Fools Day, but the only reason why is because the event is always on the first saturday of that month, and they are one in the same. Wondercon is also happening the same weekend, so that’s going to be fun. But if you can’t make it to Anaheim and are able to reach downtown LA, go for it.


Brides of March ’17

Well, this happened today. We started at Cliftons and pretty much wandered to 2 other places in downtown, or, that’s what we did before I took off. I’m glad I got to spend more time with the brides this time. Last year Wondercon was also happening so I was with them for 2 or 3 hours then. I don’t have a dress myself, so i did what I can to wear as much white and look as formal as possible for myself. so I put on a pair of light colored dress pants, white button up and the lightest colored tie I have. If only I also had a vale because that might have completed it.

Well, some good times were had.

Dancing Zebra Footage 0

Dancing Zebra Footage

John Oliver, posted this on the youtube page for his show. Trying to figure out some ideas of what i can do.