Why So Angry?

So some page on Facebook posts this image of Obama giving some kind of medal to some celebrities, and on the bottom of the image it shows a war vet with prosthetic legs with added text basically saying “what the fuck man?” indicating Obama has ignored and disrespected our vets and war heroes. There is a problem, or many. First, the celebrities were getting what was known as the Medal of Freedom, which is a civilian award that has been handed out since the 1960’s. When a guy in the military would get, and is placed on them would be the Medal of Honor, which Obama has in fact given out plenty at least.

This guy who obviously had someone piss in their cheerios went off on this, well, you can read it, and I well, was being me, show him he is getting played, but not doing that good a job at it I guess. And yes, I got blocked. I also have reason to believe they blocked every other person to disagree with them.

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