The Need For Art

My girlfriend asked if I can post something for her. I’m kind of in a content drought so I’m glad she sent this to me, so I have something to post about for the day. We are currently living in a dangerous time. There is a disdain for the arts and intellectuals that has been ever growing. To be rid of such things will only go bad for the masses and make them easier to control, entertainment will be mindless and would only exist to glorify figures who only wish to rule. We need to back each other up.

I recently began selling my designs on Society 6. Supporting local artists by supporting, donating, and/or purchasing their work creates a relationship between culture and community. One’s form of expression can be another’s inspiration. We’re living in an age age where the arts are in danger of losing funding, so supporting the arts starts with supporting your local artists and writers. So if interested.

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