Monthly Archive: August 2020


Bill & Ted Face The Music

I have to be honest, I was expecting to watch this in theaters and not online with some streaming service. Anyways, yesterday was my birthday and my family was like “hey, let’s watch this, it’s a good gift to you.” I enjoyed the movie, and was hoping to see myself in the crowd as I have posted video from that day, but was so far in the back I don’t think I would be easily noticeable.

This scene is from the very beginning of the movie and what happened was Kid Cudi was performing and just disappeared, then suddenly Jesus popped up in place. A lot less footage was used then I expected. But then against I wasn’t there very long anyways. Anywho, you can watch online now.


A Mega Discovery

New set of special tasks were added to pokemon go, and I go done with them the next day. It’s related to mega evolutions and as of right now I can do that with a Beedrill. But I’ll wait to do that.

Shadowlands: Release Date 0

Shadowlands: Release Date

This info was revealed yesterday. Pretty sure I made a prediction that the new warcraft expansion will coming out in October or November, but I can’t find where I said it. Well, I’m still working on leveling up characters and it is exhausting.



My cat just laying down some shirts that just happen to be on my bed at the time.


This Is Going Bad

I would hope there is a day the far right would just stop lying. For years, like, at least 10, I’ve seen plenty of them openly talk about how much they want to overthrow the government (while obama was in office) and how much they want genocide. All while screaming “the left are so violent, and are trying to start shit!” NO! Stop fucking lying! This is all, or at least mostly on you morons that can’t take a hint! All you are pissed off about is people fighting back, who are demanding to be treated like equals.

Perhaps for once in your life you can think about potential consequences or possibilities for certain actions instead of short term gains. Then stop acting like everyone is coming after you, because no they are not. This is on the far right imbeciles, you are the ones that want this, so just admit it. You are not patriots, and never were from the start. You are just selfish.


This Is 2020

This is the year, the awful, awful year, and the amount of straight wins on the solitaire game, 8 off, on my iPad since downloading, I think earlier this year. I’m so bored, it’s been pokemon, warcraft and this since covid became a problem. My eyes aren’t to happy and I have a eyelid spasming so I’m stressing about something, but no idea what over. I just don’t think it will be over this year, and worry it will last as long as spanish flu did 100 years ago. Likely because many of the mistakes made then, are happening again now.



A world quest on WoW where you have to help baby turtles get tot he water and not get grabbed by a bird or crab. And how you have to do it is shoot there balls of light energy to take down the attackers. So, I’m playing on this quest the first time on my monk, and when you kill someone in game these healing spheres pop up. Seems they also do with in game mini games.


Ultra Unlock 2020

A new set of challenges popped up this week on pokemon go. I guess it was supposed to happen before but there was so kind of error on Niantic’s end that prevented that from happening. Anyways, I did them all in a day.


New Things To Come?

My web host decided to contact me about my service and how I can get a better deal with them and easier use on my part. So, I might not have wordpress much longer, and I might have a new design. I don’t know what can happen but I’m genuinely curious what I might put together. This might take some time to it all to be compete.


The Child

Remember that mass of popcorn I made. Well there was much more after that and it was for some event related to disney. And got this as a gift. Also I like the glow around it created by the cabinets.