This Is Going Bad

I would hope there is a day the far right would just stop lying. For years, like, at least 10, I’ve seen plenty of them openly talk about how much they want to overthrow the government (while obama was in office) and how much they want genocide. All while screaming “the left are so violent, and are trying to start shit!” NO! Stop fucking lying! This is all, or at least mostly on you morons that can’t take a hint! All you are pissed off about is people fighting back, who are demanding to be treated like equals.

Perhaps for once in your life you can think about potential consequences or possibilities for certain actions instead of short term gains. Then stop acting like everyone is coming after you, because no they are not. This is on the far right imbeciles, you are the ones that want this, so just admit it. You are not patriots, and never were from the start. You are just selfish.

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