A Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Valentine’s Day

That awkward moment when you see some old video of yourself at an Occupy Wall Street rally in New York over a decade ago, and some douchebag grabs the megaphone to confess his love for some girl there and it turns out I’m on another episode of the Hulu TV show, How I Met Your Father. I’m kind of in the center, over the right shoulder of the guy with the grey backpack. And my hair was long at the time too so that should help.

Not only did I have so much fun in this scene, but my group was wrapped in 2 hours. Many of us were also given some kind object, I got a fake muffin, and we all got to throw stuff at him. What was really great about this was I got booked for this while on my way home from the airport after getting back from Dragoncon. And like the last 2 years, had to take a covid test for the show. I was so happy for that negative test because that way I knew I didn’t bring back any extra passengers. So happy this finally aired.

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