Adobe Folders

As a kid I always liked to think of myself as some kind of artist. Mostly what I did was draw, and know I still have some old stuff. Unfortunately it’s been a long time since I really drew something, yet it still blows my mind knowing I once did those cow skulls. Yet long before I made that drawing, I first used art programs on the computer as a kid back in the 90’s like photoshop, which I loved pretty quickly. Eventually I discovered Macromedia whose programs I also liked, then Adobe bought them so that made things actually easier on me.

Fast forward to this year, got the new computer yet for some reason when i loaded my programs on the custom folder icons that helped differentiate each program in the applications folder was gone. And that’s when opportunity came up and decided to make my own folders. I figured to make something simple because there really is no need to go crazy on something that’s only for quick visual notice.

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