AI Don’t Fly Here

The audacity of some people who are so desperate to uplift those who are already of high status, and showcase them as something they are not. There has been a huge problem much of last year of people using AI generated images to spread propaganda. Though it has getting more realistic looking, they are still catchable. Notably the hands because sometimes there are missing or have extra fingers.

But another thing I noticed long ago is how very common soft lighting is, including if it’s an image that looks like’s meant to be a photo taken in direct sunlight. Now, this guy on threads, chefcantu, when I pointed out it’s fake he really liked to double then triple down. Then brought up Michael the Black Man, who was in fact in a murderous cult and has a major hate to Native Americans. I’ve also seen video of him at an Obama rally in 2008 claiming he was endorsed by the KKK, yet Mike was very quiet then they endorsed trump in 2016.

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